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EA in an IT MNC + Conservation Champion, F5, Inc.

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Hello Everyone!


I am Loretta Andrade from Mangalore (also known as Rome of the East), India! I am an Administrative and Business Operations Professional with over two decades of work experience in India and Abroad. I am very passionate about Animals and Wildlife. I am currently associated with a company called F5 and serve as the Executive Administrative & Business Partner to the Vice President of Engineering who is also the India Business Leader. This is one of the best organizations I have worked for in all my career! I have a wonderful Leadership and Executive Team who have a very strong vision for the growth and development of the company. Over the years, I have acquired and equipped myself with a diverse range of skills. I also love learning new topics and developing further skills to be productive and efficient in my scope of knowledge and work contributions. “Every Winner was once a Beginner”!


Beyond work, I love to spend time with Animals and do work supporting Wildlife Conservation. The reason behind managing multiple corporate and conservation tasks is that I am very passionate and committed to what I do. I believe if you are determined on achieving something that you care about and if you follow a specific routine and have good time management, communication, interpersonal and organizational skills, you can achieve much more than your caliber. Though mine was self-inspiration to take up such work, what moved me personally was the hard work, dedication, and humility of Jose Louies, an eminent Wildlife Conservationist who is a very dear friend and great work partner. We have achieved a lot since August 2020 when we were all confined to Working from Home!


I would love to share my journey and experiences with so many participants from all across the globe and also learn from each of the participants, as I believe everyone has a unique personality.


I learned about the Grant Writing for Wildlife Conservation and Project Management for Wildlife Conservation from a Social Media Post (LinkedIn/Twitter) and that’s what connected me to the amazing Beth Robinson! Thank you for all the great work you have put together and I am sure along with the rest of the Participants, I will have a great and satisfying experience during the Training Programs.



Loretta Andrade

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Oct 12, 2022
Replying to Lize Gibson-Hall

What an amazing idea Loretta. Do you have any data to share on the app use/current successes of the app?

Hi @Lize Gibson-Hall 

Thank you for your kind message. Kindly send me an email with your request to loretta.andrade@gmail.com and I am happy to request the Owner & Developers of the App, to furnish the info they can make available on the IndianSnakes/SERPENT App.

Best regards,

Loretta Andrade

Jul 14, 2022

Thank you @Lara Reden 

#savethebees #apimondia2022

Mar 08, 2022
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

Hi Loretta, thanks for sharing this opportunity! Could you please add your post to our "network opportunities" channel? This way, our members who are interested in such opportunities will be notified by email about your post. Many thanks! 

Sure @Thirza Loffeld. Can you guide me on the steps to post, as I think I am not getting the right link or page.

Mar 08, 2022
Replying to Rebecca Hansell

Thank you so much for sharing, it is so great to hear stories like this which give us a better understanding of life within conservation across the globe! 

Thank you so much @Rebecca Hansell. Very kind and thoughtful of you to send a note of appreciation. I will make sure to convey your message to Michelle. This will certainly motivate her.