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Founder of VerdantLearn, Lucy Tallents, shares her with us how she became a e-learning expert in conservation. These lessons learned are catalysed by WildHub Core Community member, Ussi Abuu.

We have beautiful planet called earth and are part of one system. Our beautiful planet earth now has been faced by a host of problems, the animals and human beings struggle with the impact of climate crisis, these problems that face our world today are not the result of the evolution of the world but of man-made events. 

Conservationists are the human beings that work in the conservation sectors. The WildHub conservation community is the place to exchange challenge and solutions in the conservation sector, we are here for global recovery. Today I am here within WildHub video panels with Lucy Tallents, discussing the importance of connecting with others, Lucy's thoughts on enhancing our WildHub community, her journey into conservation and becoming an e-learning expert and the importance of a sustainable environment. Winning means you are doing real better than before!

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Go to the profile of Rebecca Hansell
9 months ago

Another great contribution Ussi, thanks so much for taking the time to share it with us :)

Go to the profile of Ussi Abuu Mnamengi
8 months ago

Thanks so much Rebecca