CV Linet Ambaisi

Dear all I am Josephine Ambaisi, a graduate and currently residing in Kenya. Iam passionate about Wildlife conservation with experience in citizen science approaches . Currently, I am looking for conservation related jobs. Any leads will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
6 months ago

Hi Linet, thanks for sharing your CV; I have added it to the "Job opportunities" room and would recommend you to click on the "Watch" button in that room so that you will be notified by email of any job opportunities that are posted there in the future. Any questions, please let me know. 

Perhaps Linet could benefit from your networks @Collins Busuru , @Muthoni Njuguna , @Natalie (Tally) Yoh @Maureen Kinyanjui @Megan McDaniels and @Paul Kilelu ? Many thanks in advance for your support 

Go to the profile of Natalie (Tally) Yoh
6 months ago

Hi Josephine, if you are interested in future work with bat conservation in Africa, I highly recommend sending your CV to Dr Ricardo Rocha | Department of Biology ( Ricardo is currently growing his lab and many of his PhD and masters students focus on how bats are impacted by disturbances, such as land-use change. He currently works in Madagascar, Kenya, and Liberia but I understand he has plans to expand.

Please feel free to say it was my suggestion that you contact him. 

I hope this helps,


Hi Tally

Thanks for the response. I will contact Dr Ricardo in the course of the day.

Kindly, i will keep you posted.