Natalie (Tally) Yoh

Postdoctoral researcher, UW-Madison

About Natalie (Tally) Yoh

I am a conservation scientist focused on understanding the impacts of landscape-scale disturbance on tropical biodiversity. I’m particularly interested in how we can combine acoustic technologies and machine learning to quantitatively assess these impacts, as well as assess the effectiveness of conservation initiatives.

I'm currently a postdoc researcher at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW-Madison using soundscapes to assess the value of forest certification for wildlife in logged forests in Gabon. Previously, I completed my PhD at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology focused on bats in Borneo. 

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Comment on CV Linet Ambaisi
Jan 30, 2024

Hi Josephine, if you are interested in future work with bat conservation in Africa, I highly recommend sending your CV to Dr Ricardo Rocha | Department of Biology ( Ricardo is currently growing his lab and many of his PhD and masters students focus on how bats are impacted by disturbances, such as land-use change. He currently works in Madagascar, Kenya, and Liberia but I understand he has plans to expand.

Please feel free to say it was my suggestion that you contact him. 

I hope this helps,


Nov 06, 2020

Thanks for your post Beth!


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