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Bats researcher, Angaza Vijiji

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I am a bats researcher based in Kenya expert in collecting, analysing and reporting data regarding conservation.

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Kindly help.

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Replying to Natalie (Tally) Yoh

Hi Josephine, if you are interested in future work with bat conservation in Africa, I highly recommend sending your CV to Dr Ricardo Rocha | Department of Biology ( Ricardo is currently growing his lab and many of his PhD and masters students focus on how bats are impacted by disturbances, such as land-use change. He currently works in Madagascar, Kenya, and Liberia but I understand he has plans to expand.

Please feel free to say it was my suggestion that you contact him. 

I hope this helps,


Hi Tally

Thanks for the response. I will contact Dr Ricardo in the course of the day.

Kindly, i will keep you posted.


Pleasure joining this great platform. I am Josephine and currently looking for a conservation opportunity to exercise my capabilities. Any leads will be highly appreciated

I am Josephine, an early career person specialosed in Wildlife Conservation. My main reason for joining this group is networking since am still searching for job placement. I hope to network!

Thank you.


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