WildHub Festival: Leadership styles exercise

As part of the WildHub Festival 2021, the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) hosted a webinar which explored different leadership styles using this interactive core quadrants leadership exercise. We are sharing this in the hope it's useful to the wider WildHub community!

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If you missed our WildHub Festival webinar, you can watch the recording here.


Wheatley M, Frieze D. 2011. Leadership in the age of complexity: from hero to host. Resurgence Magazine, Winter 2011.

Kate Tointon

Communications Executive, Fauna & Flora International

Kate joined the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP), based at Fauna & Flora International (FFI), in February 2020. She has worked in a variety of science communication roles, and has a BSc in Zoology and Psychology, an MSc in Animal Behaviour, and a PhD in Zoology. Kate has had a lifelong interest in ecological research and wildlife conservation, and has studied a variety of species in the field, including Atlantic puffins in the UK, Horsfield’s hawk cuckoos in Japan, and Aegean wall lizards in Greece.

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Thanks for sharing, Kate!