Greetings, I'm Lindsey :)

Greetings, I'm Lindsey :)

Hi everyone, and thanks for setting up WildHub! I think this will be a wonderful way for conservationists around the world to connect virtually and get to know one another. 

nature creations by my kids

A few years back, while I was working as a consultant, a conservationists I was introduced to asked me what I 'do'. I wasn't sure how to reply because I've done various different things. My first attempt was to say, "I'm interested in the connections between people and nature, and between people working to protect nature". He looked at me confused, so I added, "I've worked for various organisations in the building and I'm a social scientist but originally trained as a biologist". 

"Right", he said, "but what do you do?"

So I tried again..."Well, I'm currently researching global patterns in conservation capacity development, but I used to work in communications, and before that I managed a REDD+ project in Uganda."

"Ah, so you work in forestry?" he said, forcing me into a box that made sense to him. "I studied forestry," I replied, "although I wouldn't say I'm a forester... but sure, if that works". Truth is, I'm not a fan of boxes and I enjoy being an adaptive mix (more here).

I'm a Canadian living in Cambridge, UK. I am currently in the third year of my PhD at the Open University Business School where I am conducting action research to find practical ways to enable collaboration in the field of conservation. I have been very fortunate to study collaboration within the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, and the Biodiversity Revisited Initiative

I'm passionate about collaboration, diversity, and sustainability and I love to help connect people. I'm also a mum to two little nature lovers who inspire me.

I look forward to connecting with people through the WildHub.


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almost 2 years ago

Welcome Lindsey! Thank you for sharing the nature creations made by your kids - this made my day! It great to have you joining our community and to learn about your work - I really enjoyed reading the blog you shared with us this March.

I recognise what you wrote about enjoying being an adaptive mix - I think adaptability is one of the core strengths for conservation professionals! I also look forward to taking your lead in setting up a WildHub Fika group. More on this soon!