Hello, I'm Allison!

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Hi all, I'm very glad to join the WildHub community! I'm coming from a little different background than the typical conservationist (Environmental Geology undergraduate, MBA, and 20 years in the US Navy), and now I'm pursuing a PhD researching how conservation professionals learn, with a particular emphasis on how failure is handled in our discipline. I also host workshops and interactive sessions exploring the mindsets and systems that enable effective learning from failure. I admit feeling that I learn as much as the participants in these sessions, because this sort of endeavor is definitely more of a journey than a destination.

Outside of my PhD, I work on promoting trails and open space in Colorado, lead a Girl Scout troop, and coach middle school Odyssey of the Mind teams. I look forward to learning together!

Come visit me on ResearchGate, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Getting some of my Girl Scouts out on the water to do river ecology research

The perfect s'more, just because.

Allison Catalano

PhD Candidate, Imperial College London

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
over 1 year ago

Welcome Allison! Your perfect s'more is mouth-watering! I love how our community is getting more diverse every day, because of people's different backgrounds, different geographical locations, etc. The topic you are working on is very valuable I feel within the conservation discussions and I look forward to learning more about it! 

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
over 1 year ago

Hello Allison! That s'more looks incredible, I've only ever used chocolate digestives before, yours is another level! Your research sounds very interesting. 

Go to the profile of Allison Catalano
over 1 year ago

Thanks! Yes, these are seriously delicious.

Go to the profile of Allison Catalano
over 1 year ago

I've never thought of using chocolate digestives before...that sounds like a great idea!

Go to the profile of Lucy Boddam-Whetham
over 1 year ago

Hi Alison, I really enjoyed your session at the Conservation Optimism last year - very interesting and vital. 

Go to the profile of Allison Catalano
over 1 year ago

Thanks, Lucy, glad you liked it!