Ask for Help: Do You Have Lessons Learned to Share?

Ask for Help: Do You Have Lessons Learned to Share?

Hello WildHub community!

I am volunteering as a Conservation Catalyst (CC) for WildHub and have interviewed several members of our community about their background, work, experiences, and lessons they've learned along the way. You can see those write-ups in my posts! The CC initiative is intended to engage community members in sharing their perspectives, as well as for our peers to learn a bit more about the folks we are connected with through this platform! 

I've hit a bump in the road when it comes to finding folks who would be available to chat. So far I've addressed conservation leadership, utilizing failure in the conservation world, and educating kids about local environments! 

If you have experiences and lessons learned that you've been itching to share with the greater WildHub community, and you would be available to chat for about 30 minutes via phone or video, please drop a comment! I've so enjoyed speaking with several of you and I'm excited to keep the ball rolling.

Cheers :)


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