Beyond Tourism in Africa

A much needed and incredibly valuable initiative (especially now) to support innovative financing of community-based conservation initiatives to move beyond tourism dependency in Africa.
Beyond Tourism in Africa

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The Luc Hoffman Institute has just announced #BeyondTourismAfrica, an innovation challenge to find new, non-tourism sources of income for wildlife-adjacent communities in countries in Africa. In partnership with The African Leadership University’s School of Wildlife Conservation and WWF Regional Office for Africa (ROA), we’re seeking ideas from around the globe for new revenue streams from wildlife. Over the past 30 years, conservation in Africa has become heavily dependent on tourism for revenue, a vulnerable approach that has been highlighted by the global shutdown of travel caused by COVID-19.

Participants have the chance to win a place in the African Leadership University’s incubation programme and access to seed money for their ideas.

Applications will be accepted from 1 September; more information at:


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