Celebrating our WildHub Community Advocates!

Celebrating our WildHub Community Advocates: Lara Reden and Rebecca Hansell! WildHub Community Advocates help conservationists connect with each other to share their work challenges and come up with creative solutions.
Celebrating our WildHub Community Advocates!

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Our WildHub Community Advocates provide important support to our global, member-led community of 3000 conservation professionals. In their role, they help conservationists connect with each other to share their work challenges and come up with creative solutions. Our Community Advocates dedicate their time in a voluntary capacity and herewith help keep our community’s membership free.

Meet Lara Reden, writer, photographer and designer, currently exploring the world as a digital nomad and WildHub Community Advocate since 2021. In actual fact, Lara helped us come up with the title “WildHub Community Advocate”! Lara has been providing instrumental support to our WildHub community by welcoming new members, moderating and reviewing content, and engaging with our community by acknowledging contributors for their posts. Lara furthermore helps run WildHub events, including the 2021 WildHub Festival and the opening of WildHub’s Conservation Art Gallery

In the past two years, Lara has also contributed useful conversations and resources, some of which include; 

We wanted to find out why Lara decided to become one of our WildHub Community Advocates and what she has learned through her time in the community. 

Lize: "Why did you join WildHub?"

Lara: "I had been looking for ways to get more involved with conservation. In my search, I came across the WildTeam project management course and decided to check it out. From there, I explored the WildHub platform and have been volunteering since".

Lize: "What are some of the key skills you have developed through becoming a WildHub Community Advocate?"

Communication plays a central role in any advocacy position. I participate in more community events (like socials or the annual festival) than I otherwise would." (Lara Reden, WildHub Community Advocate)

Lize: "What has been your favourite moment in your role as WildHub Community Advocate?"

Lara: "The role provides an easy way to get in touch with conservationists who are trying to start conversations on the platform. I was happy to help bring around the concept of an art social and hope more events like it will follow."

Thank you so much Lara for all of the hard work you do! We are very grateful that you are part of our team. Would you like to find out more about Lara’s contributions, check out her WildHub profile here

Meet Rebecca Hansell, junior aquarist,  environmental educator and creator of “The Curious Environmentalist”, a website which highlights environmental and conservation issues. 

Upon joining WildHub in 2021, Rebecca first spent her time teaming up with other members and helping them share key lessons learned as part of our Conservation Catalyst Programme. You can find some of her insightful contributions here: 

Rebecca then took on an additional role within our WildHub Community Advocates team by promoting member content through WildHub’s social media platforms. In this role, she kept the wider public up to date on what our community are up to and sharing your lessons learned and resources across social media platforms.  

We asked Rebecca how her WildHub journey with us has been so far. Please find her answers below!

Thirza: "Why did you join WildHub?"

Rebecca: "I joined WildHub as a way to network with conservation professionals and learn more about the industry. I didn't personally know anyone who worked in the sector, and I was keen to learn more to help me figure out where I wanted my career to go. I started off as a Conservation Catalyst, which is something that I am hoping to take up again in the New Year - time has not been my friend in 2022! And it was really great to talk to other members about their careers and the various areas of the conservation sector where they worked." 

Thirza: "Why did you decide to become a WildHub Community Advocate?"

Rebecca: "I was approached to help promote member content through our WildHub’s social media channels due to my interest in communications and my enthusiasm to become immersed in the conservation sector. It was a great opportunity and allowed me a way to feel involved in the content being produced and to be able to share that with others." 

Thirza: "What has been your favourite part of the role so far?"

Rebecca:"It has been great to get to know the WildHub team, they have been really supportive and great to chat to. Having an overview of all the different content that is going up on WildHub has also been great".

Some weeks I have more time to read than others, but the content that I shared on social media has been really useful for learning more about what is happening in global conservation." (Rebecca Hansell, WildHub Community Advocate) 

Thirza: "What are some of the key skills you have developed through this role?"

Rebecca: "Networking, and the use of social media for promoting conservation work. Lize has been great in helping me understand the analytics side of posting and making suggestions for times, days, and hashtags, etc. to broaden our views. It's great to see our audience grow off the back of the work we are doing." 

A huge thank you to Rebecca for helping us steer our social media in 2022 and congrats on your new full time job as Communications Officer at a conservation charity - we are so happy for you! You can find out more about Rebecca’s work here

 Are you interested in joining our team of WildHub Community Advocates? Answer the call here. 

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Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
over 1 year ago

Amazing work @Lara Reden and @Rebecca Hansell 

Go to the profile of Lara Reden
over 1 year ago

Thanks, Beth! And thank you, Thirza, for everything you do as Community Manager. I'm grateful for how you helped introduce me to this community, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things evolve in the next year.

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
over 1 year ago

You're most welcome, Lara! It was also wonderful to meet up in person yesterday. I hope we can do more regular Member Meet-ups in the future :) 

Go to the profile of Kate Stephenson
over 1 year ago

Great to read about your work with the Conservation Catalyst Programme Rebecca!

Go to the profile of Lize Gibson-Hall
about 1 year ago

Such a please to have worked with both of you! 

Go to the profile of Lize Gibson-Hall
about 1 year ago