Celebrating the first year of our community!

In this post we would like to share with you some of the highlights of our WildHub end-of-year survey results.
Celebrating the first year of our community!

The survey was completed by 100 members across 45 countries. The majority of respondents worked for a conservation NGO and had been working, on average, 9.5 years as a conservation professional. In the survey, members shared how WildHub’s community and activities have helped them most in 2020, please find some highlights below. 

Problem-solving: On average, half of our respondents shared that the WildHub community helped them come up with creative solutions for new problems and helped them generate novel and feasible work-related ideas. 

WildHub has been great for sourcing information, resources and for making contacts. I've shared opportunities, training and information I've found on WildHub with other aspiring conservation professionals. I've attended a couple of online events which have given an insight into different aspects of conservation and how others have responded to the pandemic.”

Informational support to benefit work and career: More than 80% of our respondents shared that the WildHub community provided them with access to useful information and tools (e.g. frameworks, best practices) that helped them in their conservation jobs. 

Information: “There are huge numbers of conservation groups and organisations doing diversity work independently and so it is hard to keep track of them but I have found out many through you.”

Tools: “By using Gather I have discovered a very useful platform for sharing ideas and for developing contacts in the conservation world.”

Professional development: On average, 60% of the survey respondents said that WildHub helped them keep their conservation-related knowledge and skills up-to-date. 

“Through WildHub I got in touch with conservationists in West African and gained the great opportunity to attend the training organised by FAO for west African forest Inventory.”

Career development: More than 80% of our respondents shared that the WildHub community provided them with access to useful information that helped them work towards or progress their career in conservation. 

“I have gained advice about job interviews from other WildHub members.“

“The activity I have enjoyed the most at WildHub is the activity [WildHub] 'Fika'. I think it's a great way of improving the nexus between conservation professionals, a community that I feel is sometimes very isolated, and this activity just gives us the chance to, once a month, get to meet somebody that may be inspiring, helpful, or a future collaborator.”

Social support and resilience building: More than 55% felt socially supported by other WildHub members and for 83% of our respondents the WildHub community has made a positive difference in staying connected with others in conservation. Furthermore, more than half of the respondents gained new contacts by being part of the WildHub community and shared that being part of the WildHub community has helped them adapt positively to difficult situations and setbacks. 

Staying engaged and connected: “I have really enjoyed staying connected with others, meeting new fellow conservationists and learning from the events and postings.”

A supportive environment: “It helps me to meet in a warm environment. Professional[s] who are willing to be of help to me and that I also can help.”

Community participation: “The activity increased my confidence in writing (blog), this is something I don't do a lot. I'm happy I was guided and was able to post my first article. I would love to write another one soon. Thank you.” 

Looking forward

Your survey answers also provided us with valuable information on how to develop our community further this year 2021. More exciting news and developments, such as an invitation to become a Conservation Catalyst, will follow soon! 

We also added some of the survey results to our brand-new WildHub animation; find this animation via the link below!


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Go to the profile of Flavia Martinelli
almost 2 years ago

Congrats, Thirza and WildHub community! I'm talking about WildHub with my brazilian friends, hope we'll see them here soon! <3

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
almost 2 years ago

Thanks Flavia - it would be wonderful to welcome your Brazilian friends in our community soon! You can also invite them by going to your WildHub 'dashboard' underneath our WildHub banner and clicking on the invite button below your name. There you can enter their name and email address and they will receive an email notification saying that you have invited them to WildHub and a bit about our community :)