Contraception as population control in wild macaques - seeking practitioners

On behalf of the AfA Macaque Coalition, I am looking for people and organizations with experience researching, designing, carrying out, or advocating for (or against!) birth control programmes in wild macaques.
Contraception as population control in wild macaques - seeking practitioners

If you have experience with or insight into any programme that employed some form of contraception as a means to control wild populations of macaques, I am keen to speak with you. We're in the process of organizing a working group and possible event that explores the relevant considerations, and the effectiveness and welfare implications of such programmes.  We hope to provide perspetives from an array of locales and situations.

In the future we hope to look at other, related ideas, such as optimal contraceptive methods for use in rescue centres, how these tie in with potential release, etc. 

Please do contact me if you are interested in talking about this! Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you :) 


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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
7 months ago

Hi Brooke, thanks for sharing this ask for help! Linking in some more members to this conversation: Any thoughts or connections you can offer to Brooke @Lucy Radford @BENJAMIN LEE @Rebecca Sweet ?

Go to the profile of Brooke Aldrich
7 months ago

Thanks Thirza!