Count a penguin, map a squirrel or tag a tree

A useful skill for all conservationists is observation. Whatever you are interested in or need help with or even if you just want a break from what you are doing there are many citizen science projects you can support and here are a few of them.
Count a penguin, map a squirrel or tag a tree

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I often look to keep upto date with volunteer and citizen science projects and support field conservation research  online that anyone can get involved in and I found Zooniverse ( If you have five minutes check it out and help ground truth conservation research imagery data. Yes I'm sure AI could do it quicker but wheres the fun in that?

Count Penguins: 

Map a squirrel: 

Tag a tree: 

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
6 months ago

Love it! Thanks for sharing Jackie! 

Go to the profile of Gareth Staton
5 months ago

I've already made a start! It's a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing :)