Accessing Real-time Global Environmental Databases

Free online resource to find environmental spatial datasets showing changes in the state or variability of natural capital assets or changes in the severity of drivers were identified where possible as these allow users to understand the risk of disruption to ecosystem service provision.
Accessing Real-time Global Environmental Databases

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As we all know, historical and current environmental data on global drivers that affect climate change and biodiversity can be hard to find as data sets vary in access. ENCORE (Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure) is a tool to help users better understand and visualise the impact of environmental change on the economy. By focusing on the goods and services that nature provides to enable economic production, it guides users in understanding how businesses across all sectors of the economy potentially depend and impact on nature, and how these potential dependencies and impacts might represent a business risk. The ENCORE database provides links to global data sets to track global environmental risks


I found UN World Environmental Situations Room (UN WESR) data for the multiple hazards mapping of particular interest as here below you can see a screenshot of where wildfires that threaten biodiversity are being recorded TODAY!


Highly recommend accessing these databases to access environmental datasets and the potential threats to wildlife.

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
about 1 year ago

Hi Jackie, thanks for sharing this! I can imagine that this tool may also be helpful when drafting funding applications. Would you perhaps have time to share a screen recording on WildHub of how you used it?

I'm thinking of @Mohamed Shrief Mokhtar Sobah Taalab 's recent question about where to find funding for monitoring equipment (e.g. binoculars, cameras) and how this may be of help. 

Thank you for sharing your findings with us! 

Go to the profile of Jackie Symmons
about 1 year ago

Thirza - its really easy to use- just follow the links...

Thanks, Thirza, for trying to help me with my question, and Thanks Jackie for sharing your findings with us!