Earth to Humans podcast: petro-masculinity

As a passionate advocate of intersectional environmentalism, I was very interested to read Cara Daggett's research into how western gender oppression impacts people's capacity to relate to and engage with the environmental movement and interviewed her for our latest podcast episode to find out more.
Earth to Humans podcast: petro-masculinity
Our latest Earth to Humans podcast guest, Professor Cara Daggett, researches the links between gender and #environmentalism. These links may not seem immediately obvious, but it was fascinating to listen to her discuss a certain type of #masculinity in which identity is built by climate denial, fossil fuel consumption, violence towards nature and disregard for the environment, known as 'petro-masculinity'.
Do societal #gender roles block people from joining the environmental movement? Listen to this seriously eye-opening conversation:


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7 months ago

Interesting - thanks for sharing this!