Event: Animating the Carbon Cycle June 3rd

Save the date: 3rd June 2021 14:00 - 15:30 UTC (10-11:30 EDT)
Event: Animating the Carbon Cycle June 3rd
The Global Rewilding Alliance will present a high-level event during the launch of the UN DECADE on Ecosystem Restoration (on 3 June). 
We will present and discuss the link between climate change and rewilding, more specifically the mitigation potential of rewilding activities. Centre to our message and approach will be to quantify the impact of "animating the carbon cycle". A concrete restoration target for climate mitigation will be presented, which could direct the rewilding activities of lands, freshwater ecosystems & oceans.
We hope that by providing concrete mechanisms and figures we can clearly illustrate to decision-makers and public that  climate and biodiversity are two sides of the same coin. Unifying climate and biodiversity is essential to accelerate progress and amplify the relevance of rewilding work.
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