Event: Capacity building - challenges & solutions during Covid-19

An interactive, collaborative session to share tips, expertise and inspiration for capacity building during the coronavirus pandemic
Event: Capacity building - challenges & solutions during Covid-19

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Let's harness the power of our community and celebrate our collective wisdom in conservation training and e-learning!

Date: Thursday 18th June 2020

Time: 10:00 or 16:00 BST - choose the time that works best for you

Sign up: WildHub Festival - Capacity building during Covid-19

Is it for me?  The answer is yes if:

  • You are actively involved in conservation capacity building, have past experience in it, or want to get started
  • You face training challenges that you're not sure how to tackle, or
  • You have insight that might help others providing training
  • You want to connect with others in the same situation

We will start by listing challenges we face creating or facilitating capacity building in the current situation.  After deciding which challenges to tackle, we'll brainstorm solutions and co-create a reference of ideas, approaches, tools and mutual support.

Share your challenges ahead of time on Tricider, or post them early in the session.  If you're not able to participate in the live sessions, you can still add your challenges to see if anyone can help with them!  I will share our reference resource after the sessions.

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Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
about 4 years ago

Looks great Lucy! :) I hope to be able to join, I will have to sign up nearer the time though. 

Go to the profile of Lucy Tallents
about 4 years ago

That's fine, Beth - I hope you can join us, but completely understand everyone has many other commitments!  There are five of us signed up already  :)

Go to the profile of Chloe Hodgkinson
about 4 years ago

Hi Lucy. I've signed up for the 4 pm session but haven't received a link yet- is there a way to resend?

Go to the profile of Lucy Tallents
about 4 years ago

I'll drop you an email with the details now, Chloe, and I'm also setting up reminder emails for tomorrow.  Thanks for letting me know!

Go to the profile of Marianne Carter
about 4 years ago

Hi Lucy, I hope this goes really well. Sadly I'm not available either of the times, but if there is any kind of write up of any main learnings I'd be fascinated. Sorry not to be able to contribute. Sending very best wishes, Marianne

Go to the profile of Lucy Tallents
about 4 years ago

Hi Marianne, thanks for your interest!  It's a shame you can't make it but if people find it useful I'd be happy to run it again.  I will share the results with everyone here, highlighting any common themes that emerge

Go to the profile of Lucy Tallents
almost 4 years ago

The recording, resources and a summary of this session are now available in my latest post.