Event: Elephant art & conservation

Join us on the 16th June, 1pm (BST) on Instagram.
Event: Elephant art & conservation

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We will have a friendly conversation on threats to elephants and their conservation in Southeast Asia. While chatting with Adam about elephants, Sofiya will create an elephant artwork and will share how art can help to protect wildlife.

We will do our best to keep it engaging for both: professionals and general public. Join us with your colleagues, friends and family!


Two WildHub members and young conservationists working in Southeast Asia: Adam Roberts & Sofiya Shukhova.


16th June, 1pm (BST) 


Live session on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sofiya.shukhova/


You do not need to register. Just go to Sofiya's Instagram page on 16th June, 1pm (BST) and click her profile picture (it should have a colourful ring around it) to view the live video and to ask your questions.

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