Expert review needed for new restoration organisation accelerator tool

Expert review needed for new restoration organisation accelerator tool

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Background: Natural State (a Kenyan non-profit) and WildTeam (a UK charity) are working together to help accelerate nature restoration across Africa, and provide opportunities for nationals (particularly women) to progress their careers in this sector. As part of that work, we are creating an online tool that will provide guidance on how to set up and strengthen a nature restoration organisation.  

The tool: The Restoration Organisation Accelerator is an online accessible tool, designed to fast-track the creation and enhancement of such organisations globally. This tool aims to fill the gap in sector-specific guidance, offering detailed steps, tools, templates, and training links for every organisational lifecycle stage, from start-up to closure. It's structured to support organisations at different phases, ensuring clarity and strategic direction. The Accelerator covers critical aspects like strategy, fundraising, governance, and program management across the organisational lifecycle. 

Review request: We are looking for reviewers with expertise and experience in setting up and strengthening organisations (both non-profit and for-profit) to help refine this tool. Your feedback will enhance its relevance and effectiveness, benefiting organisations and professionals across Africa.

If you have expertise and/or experience in relation to this, it would be a huge help if you could look through and add comments to this outline. If you had a bit more time to look at, and comment, on the detailed structure of this tool (a link is provided in the outline), then that would also be much appreciated. Please be sure to mention your name, affiliation and email in one of your comments so that we can acknowledge your contribution. Lastly, you could help further, by passing on this review request to other experts in your network

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
about 1 month ago

Perhaps of interest to you and your networks? I think this tool could benefit from your review: @Kahaso Mtana, @Marianne Carter@Amos Chege , @Aaniyah Martin , @Annie Tourette , @Grace Alawa@Faisal Moola,, PhD , @Kay Farmer , @Nerissa Chao , @Reece Alberts , @Francois , @John Atibs , @Salisha chandra , @Collins Busuru@Kate Mastro , @Olivia Couchman @Paul Kilelu @Elizabeth Githendu , @Muthoni Njuguna Many thanks in advance!