Greetings From Kenya

Greetings From Kenya

Habari gani, I’m Muthoni Njuguna from Nairobi, Kenya. I’ve just completed my Masters of Research (MRes.) in Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation at the University College London (UCL). My specialization is in rangeland ecology having worked in the Maasai Mara at various capacities and with various organizations such as WWF-Kenya. Most of my work has been on optimizing the Human-Wildlife-Livestock interface to reduce Human-Wildlife conflict, engage more women and children in conservation, improve the resilience and climate change adaptation of pastoral communities as well as preserve rangeland health, trend and biodiversity to ensure sustainable resource use.

Interesting thing about me is that in the course of my field work, I had to run from a charging bull elephant (Key lesson: always stay alert and keep fit so that you can outrun an elephant in the wild... haha). The incident, however, did not stop me from investigating the effects of anthropogenic and livestock pressures on wild herbivores in the Mara using camera trap data as part of my 2nd MRes. project. I joined WildHub to be part of a community that shares in my passion and to increase conservation optimism which will inspire more change across the globe. I’m happy to chat and connect both on this platform and via email;

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about 2 years ago

A warm welcome to the community, Muthoni! It’s also great to welcome you in our Conservation Catalyst cohort of 2022. It would be wonderful if you could add a brief introduction (or the same one) in our Conservation Catalyst private room too. Thanks so much!