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Hi, I'm Ellie and I am a recent graduate of Marine Environmental Management, having previously studied Marine Biology. I'm interested in sustainable fishing, marine protected areas, and working with people to ensure we can protect our invaluable oceans and the species within them for years to come. I've recently completed a project looking at albatross rafting behaviour in South Georgia, but I'm also really interested in social research in a marine conservation context. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone :)   

Eleanor Kowalska O'Neil

Administrator , Cambridge Assessment

I'm a recent masters graduate from the University of York, where I studied Marine Environmental Management. Before that, I completed my undergraduate degree in Marine Biology at Plymouth University. I am currently looking for work in marine management and conservation - my interests include sustainable fisheries management and social aspects of sustainable marine use as well as marine conservation. But I am open to all sorts of opportunities! My most recent project was undertaken in partnership with BAS, where I analysed GPS tracking data to assess rafting behaviour of Albatrosses around South Georgia.
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9 months ago

I love albatross. A friend once thought that they were mythical creatures, I can kind of see why! Good to have you on this training workshop.