Introduction - Jasmine Salvati


I'm Jasmine, I've just graduated with a master's in Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity, and Conservation from Kew Gardens and Queen Mary University of London. I also have a bachelor's in Ecology with International Experience, and have spent time studying and working in the Netherlands. My main interest is botanical conservation, and I am trained in distribution modelling and habitat conservation. I'm currently working as an administrator for an educational organisation, but am hoping to find work in a relevant field soon. I'm really interested in the practical aspects of conservation and how all the theory I've learnt would actually be applied, and I want to ensure I can understand the ins and outs of any conservation projects I'm lucky enough to be involved in. I'm looking forward to the course and am  really excited to learn a lot! 


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about 1 year ago

Hello Jasmine, what a cool sounding masters! Look forward to chatting more soon. B