Hello everyone, I'm Hannah

I work for Mossy Earth managing their portfolio of reforestation project and co-managing the conservation projects, which are currently heavily reliant on partnerships with local organisations.

Having graduated with an MSc in Conservation Biology from DICE and a BSc in Natural Sciences from Durham University, I have worked on a number of ecological research projects in Canada and Scotland, a monitoring project on the arctic fox in the Swedish Tundra, a Eurasian lynx translocation project in Romania's Carpathian mountains. I have now been based in the Scottish Highlands for a number of years working remotely for Mossy Earth and managing on the ground conservation activities such as tree planting and camera trap monitoring.

The benefits I would like to get out of the training are...

  • obtain practical training in conservation to compliment my academic background
  • to apply what I learn in SDWC to my role at Mossy Earth to maximise impact
  • to share this knowledge with our team

If you want to connect you can find me on linkedin and instagram!


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12 months ago

Welcome Hannah! Good to have you here. I also went to Durham for my undergrad! 

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12 months ago