Hello, I am Olivier from Costa Rica

Hello, I am Olivier from Costa Rica

Hello, everyone. I am Olivier Chassot, from Costa Rica. I am happy to be part of the WildHub community. My professional interests are centered around biodiversity, landscape issues, connectivity conservation, transboundary conservation, protected areas and World Heritage Sites, sustainable development and human well-being, wildlife, governance and ecosystem conservation. I aspire to become the next Chair of the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA-IUCN), together with my friend and colleague Sunita Chaudhary from Nepal as Deputy Chair. What I enjoy the most about my work is being able to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. I like traveling, reading, photography, cooking and learning languages. I speak French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, with some Indonesian. I am currently learning Mandarin and Chinese and I hope to keep on learning other languages to be able to communicate with more people, anywhere life takes me.


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almost 2 years ago

Great intro! 

I hope you get your ideal role! and find a wonderful life balance.

I would love to know more languages, I can get by in a few, as always try to learn to a conversational level wherever I travel. 

It's great to meet people through the Intros! hope one day to meet you but I am very based and rooted in the UK. I would love to come to Costa Rica. 

I have been to Guatemala and Honduras and started my love and possible career diving on Utila, a wonderful Caribbean island! I am now a Padi Rescue Diver.