Hello, I'm Dan

Hello, I'm Dan

My main experience is in working in urban nature conservation, being heavily involved in practical habitat management, education and community outreach. My main passion in nature is for Entomology, and have spent a good amount of time in Central and South America, surveying and monitoring various invertebrate groups. I have recently finished an MSc specialising in the use of genetic methods for species identification and monitoring. 

While I have no real project management experience, looking back, a lot of my positions have involved some (or a lot) of project management style skills, and I'm sure that some training would have assisted greatly in ensuring that these roles had a greater, more measurable impact. Reading over some of the other introductory posts, I'm sure I find myself in a similar position to many of you, and am currently out of work due to COVID-19. Therefore, I am hoping to put some of my time to effective use with this training.


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almost 2 years ago

Welcome Dan. What an interesting sounding MSc. Did you do much with eDNA? I find that idea of that very cool. B