Hello, i'm Kathryn!

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Hello, i'm Kathryn. I'm 23 and i am a hedgehog officer for the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, i live in the West Midlands UK but border both Shropshire and Staffordshire.

I have a BSc (Hons) degree in Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Conservation where i learned all of my fieldwork techniques and knowledge which turned me to want to passionately help our native wildlife in the UK. Somewhere during Uni, i became utterly obsessed with hedgehogs!

They are struggling so much right now, and it is my pleasure to have such a great job helping them. I dabble in education - doing talks and outdoor activities, communications - social media, radio, any platform to get the word out there!, and the practical side of surveys during the Summer and garden visits to raise awareness. I am currently applying for more funding to continue my role and manage my own hedgehog project called 'Hedgehog Heroes of Shropshire', which has been very successful in its pre-project stage. That is where this training comes in very useful, especially when i divert from my hedgehog focused work in the future to manage other projects!

Some fun facts!

I own my own pet African Pygmy Hedgehog called Bristleback, one devil cat, and 2 little guinea piggies called Asterix and Tiny Tim. I also have a tattoo of real hedgehog footprints on my wrist from when i did some footprint tunnel surveys in my garden! I have visited South Africa and Slovakia during my University travels, and am officially known as the crazy local hedgehog lady - a reputation i have come to adore!

I am excited to meet you all and learn a bunch here!

Kathryn Jones

Hedgehog Officer, Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Hedgehog Officer for the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, and BSc 1st class (Hons) Animal Behaviour & Wildlife Conservation graduate! I am obsessed with all things hedgehog, and my current role revolves around raising awareness about their decline, and how we can help them here in the UK. I also have a BTEC Level 3 in Animal Management where i learned alot about the more exotics side of wildlife, but with my native UK wildlife is truly where my heart lies. My first graduate job was as a recruiter for the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife trusts, but my expertise truly lie with all things hedgehog, and i am learning loads of different valuable skills through my journey to help them!
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Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
11 months ago

Lovely introduction! This made me smile :) I was once known as crazy bat lady when I was doing lots of bat work, can only be a good thing I say. That is a cool tattoo! I grew up just over the border in Powys but went to school in Shropshire. We used to occasionally have hedgehogs in our garden and fatten them up if they needed it and take ticks off (hope we did the right thing there?!)

Go to the profile of Kathryn Jones
11 months ago

Hi Beth!

Thank you, it's good to have a bit of craziness in life, especially when it's about wildlife! :) I wish i had done alot more on bats, so that's a section i definitely want to brush up on. Oh how brilliant! We are based in Shrewsbury, and i'm still learning Shropshire myself, being from Wolverhampton. I'm very glad to hear of your hoggy visitors! They sound like they were definitely treated brilliantly! 

Go to the profile of Molly Heal
11 months ago

Just saw this, thought it might appeal - https://twitter.com/silverpebble/status/1326554375557312515

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
11 months ago

Hehe! Thanks for sharing :)

Go to the profile of Kathryn Jones
11 months ago

Just brilliant! Thanks Molly!