Hello, I'm Miki

Hello, I'm Miki

Hi everyone, my name is Miki. I've been volunteering with WildTeam UK since May last year, in a Digital Communications capacity - so if you've seen anything on social media from WildTeam recently, it was probably posted by me!

My day job is in e-learning, designing digital training courses for corporate clients, but I'm hoping to switch careers and go into conservation communications and marketing.

I've always loved nature, but believed that you need to have a scientific background to work in conservation. It was only recently that I realised there are roles for people with communication skills as well, helping to share content that showcases and supports the valuable work of conservation organisations.

I've already completed the PMWC course, so I was interested in joining this one too. Although it's unlikely that I'll be putting many of the skills into action, I'm hoping this workshop will help me to understand more about the sector and some of the important factors that conservationists need to consider in their work.

In my free time, I enjoy photography, drawing, knitting and (most of all) going for walks in the woods. 🌳 At the moment, I'm trying to learn more about fungi, so my favourite activity is hunting for mushrooms that I've never seen before!

I'll be joining the 6pm live sessions on Mondays. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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almost 3 years ago

Welcome Miki! Glad you are able to join this course and hope you enjoy it. Will be interesting to hear what you think of it with your e-learning hat on. 

For anyone else reading this, yes, Miki is responsible for most the social media content on WildTeam platforms and does an incredible job!