Hello, World!

A super quick post to say hi and share and opportunity :)

Hi everyone!

I'm Sanjana. I'm new to the WildHub community after it was recommended to me by a friend. I do a lot of different things, but the main ones are running Earth Hacks - an organization dedicated to environmental hackathons (we actually have our first ideathon this weekend if you want to join, registration is still open + there's opportunities to interface with major science orgs like AAAS!) - being an atmospheric science software developer at NASA, and being a dog mom to Goose, a hyperactive rescue shih tzu mix. I'm super interested in working on problems at the intersection of the climate and biodiversity crises, and can lend technical support wherever needed. I'd love to learn more about plant conservation and wetland ecosystems from this community! Reach out anytime if you want to chat.


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12 months ago

Welcome Sanjana :) The ideathon sounds great.

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12 months ago

A warm welcome to WildHub Sanjana and thank you for letting the community know about the ideathon you organised - sounds exciting! 

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10 months ago

Hi Sanjana!

Thanks for this, it sounds brilliant - I've passed it on to some folks including a university science teacher who teaches science communication; hopefully they'll pass it on to their students.

I've signed up for this weekend as I have no experience of hackathons and am curious to learn more!