Help with a project!

I need your responses to the following question about zoos and aquariums for an upcoming project.
Help with a project!

Hi All, 

I am collating different viewpoints regarding the question: "What value do zoos and aquariums provide to the global conservation effort?" - I am hoping that I will get lots of knowledgable insights into this from the community here at WildHub! 

If you have an opinion on this question; good examples of work, bad examples that you've witnessed, things zoos/aquariums could do better, thoughts on animals in captivity in general, etc, then please comment below. 

Some of the comments and opinions that are given might be featured on my upcoming podcast project - but they can remain anonymous on the recording of the podcast, if you so wish, just let me know when you leave the comment. 

You can learn more about what I am up to by visiting my website and you can find me on all the usual social media :) 

Merry Christmas all! 

The Curious Environmentalist Podcast - Coming early 2022.
Podcast Launching early 2022. 


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24 days ago

Great! Thank you for sharing