Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

I’m Claudia, and I am a marine ecologist from Portugal. I am passionate about sea turtles, teaching, and science communication. I finished my PhD last year focusing on nursery habitat use by flatfish, and I’ve been working as a visiting assistant lecturer on GIS.

I have also volunteered in environmental organizations, mainly coordinating environmental awareness activities, and creating and managing social media content. At the moment, I am volunteering (even though remotely) for a Canadian/Colombian NGO that promotes research and education on sea turtles and sustainable whale watching.

These teaching and volunteering experiences made me realise I enjoy communication and working with people as much as playing with research data (as odd as it sounds!).

Now I am looking for a job opportunity in marine conservation where I can combine all these interests, and I think this training could be a step forward in that direction.

My hobbies include hiking, yoga, creative writing, reading, and teaching Portuguese to foreigners at my local community.

Looking forward to meeting you all and to start this training. See you on Monday!


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almost 2 years ago

Hello Claudia :) I love a bit of hiking, yoga and reading, I'm not so good on the teaching Portuguese! But would love to learn. 

Did you see that you are not along on this course in your love for turtles, George also works with turtles. I'll share the turtle survey I shared with George with you also. The deadline has passed, but I don't think results have been analysed so if you are quick you could still get your thoughts in :) https://wildhub.community/posts/calling-all-sea-turtle-conservationists Adam Barlow, WildTeam executive director is a big turtle fan. B

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almost 2 years ago

Thank you Beth!                                                                                         

It is great to know there are other fellow turtle lovers out there! I just participated in the survey and I will share it with my colleagues (although my passion for sea turtles is almost ancient, I am just starting to work in this field!)