Hi, I'm Kyle!

Hi, I'm Kyle!

Hi everyone!

I'm a conservation photographer (www.kyleobermannphotography.com) living and working in China since 2014. I'm originally from Austin, Texas in the US. I love trail running and ultra marathons, trying not to embarrass myself at learning hip-hop, reading great novels, and Sichuanese hotpot from Chengdu - where I live and love it!

I get to work with lots of different conservation groups in the field because of my job, including big ones like TNC and small Chinse organizations. It's been a fascinating breadth of experience, but I want some depth! I may always do a photographer, but I love to think critically about the work I am doing and the organizations I am helping - if I can help them in more ways that one that is awesome! So, I'd like to get out of this course:

1) Applicable knowledge that I could apply to helping and analyzing the many NGOs and issues I've worked with

2) Greater professional flexibility

3) Meet other great people like you keen on learning and growing together!


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over 1 year ago

Welcome Kyle! I worked with TNC last year as ran a couple of online workshops with them which was fun. Also a fan of trail running, although it is extremely muddy around here at the moment, and whilst I usually like mud, this is a little bit too much as it is hard to stay upright!