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Hi, I’m Ivette. I’m a biologist and I work in Amazona Lilacina Project as a manager in Ecuador.

Amazona Lilacina is an endemic and endangered parrot species from Ecuador. I started working with this species since 2015 collecting data in the field for a Ecuadorian NGO.  Then in 2017, I started as a volunteer in a new research manage by Chester Zoo. This research was about doing surveys along the coast of Ecuador to see if the parrots where there, because at that time research indicated that the parrot population was 400 to 600 individuals only, just in one new roost site. Doing this three-month fieldtrip, I realized that one of the main problems in the rural communities was lack of environmental education.  So, I came with the idea to do something and then I started Amazona Lilacina Project to raise awareness for the species with the support of Chester Zoo and a local Zoo.

I really love wildlife conservation because it is not only working to protect wildlife is also to preserves people life and create a world where we can coexist with nature.  

I'm so excited to be part of this course. I can’t  wait to know all of you and your projects.

The best, 


Ivette Solis

Project Manager, Amazona lilacina

I'm a biologist from Ecuador with five years fieldwork experience with birds. Three years working around Amazona lilacina species projects. I'm a Manager of Amazona lilacina Project supported by Chester zoo, UK. I'm responsible for all the conservation action happens. We work with rural communities in the coast of Ecuador raising awareness for the endangered amazona lilacina parrot through environmental education and community engagement. I'm interested in everything around wildlife conservation, conservation NGO management, conservation solutions.
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about 1 year ago

Hello Ivette, welcome! Wow, what an interesting and busy sounding project. I met Rebecca Biddle earlier this year when running a workshop with Chester Zoo, so I learnt a little bit about the Amazona lilacina but would love to learn more. Looking forward to chatting in the live sessions. B