How to keep your work motivation high: feel connected!

Could you benefit from feeling better connected in your conservation job? Read this blog that combines a bit of theory with a bit of practice.
How to keep your work motivation high: feel connected!

Did you know that you are better able to maintain high motivation at work when you feel well connected?

The Self-Determination Theory (SDT) is a motivation theory, developed by scholars Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, that is widely practised and researched globally. In SDT, it is proposed that the greater an individual’s experience of autonomy (freedom), competence and relatedness, the higher that person’s motivation and engagement for certain activities. Higher motivation and engagement may in turn contribute to  enhanced performance, persistence, and creativity in the workplace. Relatedness is described as feeling close to others or belonging to a social group. 

In our team, for example, we send each other Monday Morning Motivation videos in which we share what energises us in our job, which tasks of that week we are looking forward to as well as some of the challenges that we are encountering. This helps us to stay connected, especially when working from home. By supporting each other in the good times and the bad, we help each other to stay motivated. 

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