Human Nature Podcast: Episode 2

Featuring Nancy Vermeulen and the Brown Rat
Human Nature Podcast: Episode 2

Human Nature is a podcast run for charity, featuring interviews with celebrities & environmentalists, followed by a game show round. Each week, a well-known guest is featured, talking about their own life story and a favourite animal of theirs. This is followed by 10 trivia questions against fans of the show. 100% of funds raised are donated directly to protecting threatened species. It's designed so anyone can listen in, with the intention of raising awareness for a worthy cause in a light-hearted manner. You might think of it as Red Nose Day combined with Desert Island Discs for conservation... if that helps.

In Episode 2, Elliot interviews Nancy Vermeulen- Belgian astronaut trainer and pilot- about her chosen animal, the brown rat. She is challenged by listeners Paul and Isa for the quiz round, in a high-scoring competition about space-faring animals. Take the quiz, and see how you do!


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over 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing Elliot - wonderful job organising this podcast! When does Episode 2 become available? Would be great to add it to our 'Podcasts and webinars' channel on WildHub! Just click on 'edit' and select under channels 'Podcasts and webinars' in the right-hand menu when you are in the 'editing a post' interface. Let me know if you have any questions and have a nice day!

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
about 1 year ago

Hello Elliot, I heard you on the podcast with Nick from Conservation Careers the other day and it was great! It reminded me I want to listen to this podcast, so I shall definitely make time this week! Thanks for sharing. B