My name is Heather, I'm a 30 year old student from Scotland currently trying to retrain after 10 years in customer facing retail/wholesale work environments. I am entirely new to the whole world of conservation so soaking everything that I can in like a sponge.

In my spare time I like to go hiking (if I've done this right there will be a summit picture from my hike up Norman's Law in November attached to this post) and exploring new places, especially during current times. I enjoy the usual hobbies of reading, video games, and watching far too much television but I also enjoy photography, sketching and painting, and cross-stitching too. Recently I've taken up bird watching due to a college project and am tinkering with a raspberry pi component to create a wildlife camera for my garden.

In answer to the introductory exercise of Why Are You Here? I wrote down the following:
1. To learn new skills in an area I am uncertain about
2. To meet like minded people who I can hopefully connect with
3. To learn more about conservation strategy as a subject


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12 months ago

Welcome Heather! Beautiful cover photo. And raspberry pi wildlife camera sounds great!