Kinship Conservation Fellows: Cases in Conservation Finance Webinar

July 14 - 12:00pm CDT Case #2: Kaarsten Turner Dalby and Tommie Herbert, The Forestland Group
Kinship Conservation Fellows: Cases in Conservation Finance Webinar

The Case Studies in Conservation Finance webinar series will seek to answer questions like:  

  • What’s new in Conservation Finance? 
  • Who is doing exciting and innovative work in the field?  
  • How are various innovative tools being used to address the finance of conservation outcomes? 
  • What can be learned from practical conservation finance experiences on the ground?

We will answer these questions by looking at case studies and talking to practitioners in this space. Each month, we will talk to, and hear from, a different guest speaker about the work they are doing and the tools they are employing to invest in the conservation of ecosystems and the services they provide. We will hear how different organizations and projects are utilizing market mechanisms to align environmental, social and economic returns, and better understand the challenges they’ve faced and how these were overcome.

Case #2: Kaarsten Turner Dalby and Tommie Herbert, The Forestland Group

July 14, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm CDT

In the world of conservation finance, forestry and how to blend timber operations with conservation has always been an area of great speculation. Indeed, if you look at the most recent attempts to quantify conservation finance around the world, you will find that the biggest players in conservation finance (in terms of dollars invested) are in the forestry space. This should come as no surprise, forestry and timber are big businesses and since forests are huge sources of carbon and biodiversity, the worlds of forestry and conservation have always been (and probably will always be) inextricably linked. So it should also come as no surprise that many innovations in conservation finance will also come from the forestry sector.

In this case study, we will talk to two innovators who have been struggling with different approaches to innovate in the worlds of forestry and conservation for the last several decades. Kaarsten Turner Dalby and Tommie Herbert both currently work at the Forestland Group, a Timber Investment Management Organization (TIMO) based in North Carolina. Kaarsten has been working with TFG for many years and she has lead the company in exploring various innovations in conservation finance including carbon projects (she has personally been involved in dozens of carbon projects stretching across hundreds of thousands of acres), as well as innovations in labeling (including Forest Stewardship Council and others), forest management practices, etc. Tommie, meanwhile, joined TFG this year but before joining the company she was in charge of innovative conservation finance at the US Forest Service where she was involved in lots of conservation finance projects ranging from carbon projects, fire resilience bonds, and many, many others. Both Tommie and Kaarsten have long been leaders in both the forestry and conservation finance space and they will share with us their wisdom and experience. We will talk to them about where they see the fields of forestry and conservation finance going in the next few years, where they’ve come from, and what they have learned. We will also dig deep into the specific experiences of the Forestland Group on carbon projects, Forest Stewardship Council labeling, and working with private investors in the linked worlds of conservation, forestry, and carbon.

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