Kinship Conservation Fellows: Cases in Conservation Finance Webinar

August 11 - 12:00pm CDT - 1:30pm DCT Case #3: JP Gibbons, Cambridge Associates, USAID & 2015 Kinship Fellow
Kinship Conservation Fellows: Cases in Conservation Finance Webinar

The Case Studies in Conservation Finance webinar series will seek to answer questions like:  

  • What’s new in Conservation Finance? 
  • Who is doing exciting and innovative work in the field?  
  • How are various innovative tools being used to address the finance of conservation outcomes? 
  • What can be learned from practical conservation finance experiences on the ground?

We will answer these questions by looking at case studies and talking to practitioners in this space. Each month, we will talk to, and hear from, a different guest speaker about the work they are doing and the tools they are employing to invest in the conservation of ecosystems and the services they provide. We will hear how different organizations and projects are utilizing market mechanisms to align environmental, social and economic returns, and better understand the challenges they’ve faced and how these were overcome.

Case #3: JP Gibbons, Cambridge Associates, USAID & 2015 Kinship Fellow

August 11, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm CDT

Conservation finance comes in many shapes, colors, and flavors. It isn’t all about private capital, banks, funds, or bonds. It can also be about the blend of private capital and public capital, about how private finance can work with government and vice versa. In this case study we will talk with a Kinship Fellow, JP GIbbons, who in a long and storied career has straddled both the worlds of private finance and government finance. Today JP works with Cambridge Associates where he helps clients find private investments that align with their social and environmental goals. Previously he lead the Global Transactions Team at US Agency for International Development (USAID). In that capacity he worked with partners all over the world and pioneered the agency’s use of an innovative loan guarantee mechanism called the “Development Credit Authority (DCA)”. We will talk to JP specifically about the DCA, about how government money and development aid can partner with private capital to achieve results, and more generally on how to blend private and public capital to achieve conservation. We will also ask him about what he has learned working both for a government agency and with a private investment firm, the similarities and differences and what innovations he is seeing in the world of conservation finance from his wide-ranging vantage point at Cambridge Associates. 

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