Let's welcome new members.

Let's welcome new members.

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I am an enthusiastic conservation scientist with keen research interest in disturbance ecology, Wildlife trade, Human-Wildlife conflict, Ecosystem Restoration, environmental toxicology, marine litter, watershed, bioremediation and habitat protection. I'm focused on IUCN redlist species. I am an active, research-focused, Stable and goal oriented young chap with over two years of independent and collaborative internships and research with a very strong academic and research background in Zoology and Environmental Biology and a major focus on disturbance ecology and and ecosystem performance. I have grown my passion from supporting conservation activities in the University to also taking conservation education to local schools, youths, Women and stakeholders in supporting/enclave communities of the Cross River National Park, Nigeria. I am currently taking a drastic tilt in research towards assessing the impact of human interference with ecosystem performance while studying the indices that could have permeated this disruption. In the last one year, I have supported conservation education, local livelihood intervention and committed to studying the landscape of Cross River National Park, Ndebiji hills and Afi wildlife sanctuary, Nigeria. I hope to collaborate with excellent  minds around the world in research and teaching. I hope to meet professionals in this space and pitch up an idea for a possible master's program in ecology.

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Go to the profile of Julius Agabi
16 days ago

I'm open to positive conversations and collaborations.

Go to the profile of Lara Reden
13 days ago

Welcome to WildHub

Go to the profile of Julius Agabi
13 days ago

Thanks Lara!

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
13 days ago

A warm welcome to WildHub Julius! Wonderful to have you join us and thank you for sharing about your background. What kind of collaborations are you currently looking for? 

Perhaps of interest to you could be our WildHub Community Advocate role here, which can be a great experience for networking as well as shaping and supporting the conversations in our global community.

Go to the profile of Eniang Inemesit Edem
12 days ago

Wonderful 👏 👏 👏.

Welcome to Wildhub community, please feel free to connect with like minded individuals.

We will meet someday when i visit Cross River National Park, Nigeria.