Call for Conservation Catalysts!

Would you like to enable better and faster conservation that helps save more wildlife? Now is your chance! We are offering members the volunteer opportunity to become a Conservation Catalyst with WildHub - see details below.
Call for Conservation Catalysts!

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Dear WildHub members,

Would you like to do more for conservation than your job allows you to do? Do you admire someone’s work or career and have not found a reason yet to reach out to them? Or perhaps you are interested in a certain topic and you would like to grasp every opportunity to discuss it with other conservation professionals and learn from each other’s experiences?  Now is your chance!

Try becoming a Conservation Catalyst, even if you are just a little bit curious. I found great guidance and support through asking questions to my cohort and peers within the WildHub rooms. It’s a journey worth taking” (Carolyn, Rosevelt, WildHub Conservation Catalyst)

We are offering our members the unique volunteer opportunity to become a Conservation Catalyst with WildHub! This means that you will be part of a team of core members who reach out to conservation professionals and ask for their lessons learned on a topic that they are expert in and our community is interested in. In this role, you will act as a catalyst in sharing knowledge, experiences, and ideas to help others in their conservation work. 

For example, have you always wanted to meet Beth Robinson, WildLearning Specialist at WildTeam UK, to talk about learning and teaching for wildlife conservation? Becoming a Conservation Catalyst means that you can reach out to Beth using our direct conversation feature on WildHub and ask if you can schedule in a 30-minute video interview (using our video feature with recording option) where you ask her the questions that you’re curious about and our members are interested in knowing. 

Feeling motivated and inspired? Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if you’re selected: 

What are the benefits of becoming a Conservation Catalyst with WildHub?

Hear the benefits first-hand from our Conservation Catalyst, Carolyn Rosevelt:

A benefit was growing my professional network, I love making connections with people and helping out where I can. Last, I’ll mention that I listed my Conservation Catalyst duties on my resume and discussed this role in job interviews. These actions helped me focus on my next career move." (Carolyn, Rosevelt, WildHub Conservation Catalyst)

Some (other) benefits of joining our team of catalysts:

  • Be the change: In this role, you are able to catalyse the sharing of knowledge, experience, ideas and new solutions that enable better, faster, and cheaper conservation action that helps save more wildlife. Every new piece of content you create in collaboration with other members will get you closer to your goal as a change maker.
  • Broaden your horizon: Reaching out to other WildHub members in this role may broaden your awareness of the possible roles and types of projects out there in the conservation field.
  • Expand your network: This role will allow you to share ideas with other professionals and expand your network in the conservation world. 
  • Grasp a unique opportunity: This role may bring you opportunities which you may not have seen or heard about elsewhere.
  • Gain free advice: In our annual survey, members shared that they had gained advice from other WildHub members. This role may enable you to connect with those individuals who are in a perfect position to advise you on your next (career) steps and/or give you insight into different aspects of conservation.
  • Be inspired and refresh your motivation: Working in conservation may sometimes feel isolated. In this role you will be given the chance to, at least once a month, get to meet somebody who may be inspiring, helpful, or a future collaborator, which may increase your sense of community in WildHub and conservation in general.

I felt supported by staff to continue producing content. They did not pressure or overextended my commitment. Having a monthly content contribution goal helped and of course being a volunteer, overall, was pretty low stress. It was kinda sweet and validating to see positive reactions from my readers which pushed me to keep writing.” (Carolyn, Rosevelt, WildHub Conservation Catalyst)

Read more about Carolyn's journey to becoming a Conservation Catalyst here. 

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Go to the profile of Alina Ionita
over 2 years ago

Hi there, I really like this initiative! I am interested in some details about the work of a Conservation Catalyst (what - tasks, duties, contents expected, when, how, etc). Whom can I contact in this respect? Thank you and good luck!

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
over 2 years ago

Hi Alina, thanks for your message and interest. If you could please email me on, then I can provide you with some more details. Please also have a look at Carolyn's description of becoming a Conservation Catalyst with WildHub. Hope you're well!