Mini knowledge exchange

Seeking conservation research students and supervisors for knowledge exchange! Attend a 20min training research interview in exchange for my advice on your data analysis or teaching challenges
Mini knowledge exchange

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To help VerdantLearn provide relevant and accessible capacity-building for wildlife conservationists globally, I'm seeking participants for a mini knowledge exchange.  I welcome an exchange with anyone who works in conservation, and on this occasion I'm particularly interested to talk to research students and supervisors

Here's how it works:

  1. You complete the form below, and I email you a link to my calendar so you can book a time that suits you
  2. In our video call, you share your experiences of conservation capacity-building by answering my questions on what motivates you to study online, and the barriers you experience
  3. In return, you ask me questions about any data collection, analysis or teaching challenges you are currently facing, and I do my best to help you
  4. We both apply what we've learned from each other in our future work, and benefit from making a new connection (or strengthening an existing one) in the conservation world  😁

If you are too busy for the second part of the exchange, or aren't seeking advice from someone with my expertise, I would still value learning from you

You can also complete the form below if you would like to join VerdantLearn's mailling-list, to be notified about our affordable and flexible online learning opportunities coming up in 2024.  Thanks for your time and support!

Update, mid-2024: Thanks to those who participated in this mini knowledge exchange!   This form has now been deactivated.  If you wish to join VerdantLearn's mail-list, please visit

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Go to the profile of Loupa Pius
8 months ago

I am a student yet to begin my research on invasive species in protected areas of Uganda

Go to the profile of Lucy Tallents
8 months ago

Good to 'meet' you, Loupa Pius!  I have just sent you an email