Roundtable: Rites of Passage in the 21st Century

Rites of Passage in the 21st Century: Maintaining, restoring and reviving initiation practices to address our planetary crisis
Roundtable: Rites of Passage in the 21st Century
Poster for an event on Rites of Passage in the 21st Century, featuring event details, photos of speakers and the moderator
Dear WildHub community, please join me for this event on Thursday at 17:00 GMT, on Rites of Passage in the 21st Century.
The current planetary crises demand that humans radically adopt new processes, practices, ideologies, and ways of working – from mature, clear-sighted, balanced standpoints. We need a legion of initiated adults to lead us. But how can we, as today’s adults, revive rites of passage that have been lost – or restore the power of still-existing rites of passage that have maintained their form but lost their content – to provide this powerful experience to the young people in our communities? And how can we do this when we have not been initiated ourselves?
The featured panellists are individuals who are working to revive, reinvent or maintain rites of passage in their communities. Some of the questions to be explored will include:
🌿What kinds of rites of passage exist in the world today – whether reinvented or rooted in tradition – to support young people and adults as they move through key life phases?
🌿What elements of rites of passage truly support young people to transform into mature, competent adults, or for adults to become wise elders? (What is the necessary content, versus the form?)
🌿How can we co-design and incubate new rites of passage that maintain the powerful content our ancestors perfected, but in new forms more suited to the present? (Which, for example, might encompass all gender identities and their fluidities?) How can we support the communities we live within to maintain, reinvent or revive meaningful rites of passage locally?
Tickets are available on a sliding scale. If this is a barrier for anyone, please DM and I can send you a code for a free ticket. Thank you kindly! 

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