Debunking Nature-based Solutions, pt 1

Seeding Stories for Change: a podcast series by Global Diversity Foundation
Debunking Nature-based Solutions, pt 1
I'm delighted to share the first episode in our new podcast series, Seeding Stories for Change, which brings together voices from around the world to share stories of hope and resilience, ideas, and strategies for building a more just and sustainable future. Join us in exploring how seeds of change are being or can be planted in communities, institutions, and ecosystems, and how these stories can inspire transformative action. Together, we delve into themes related to social and environmental justice, science for radical change, and individual and collective practices for engaging with our world in these troubled times.
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The first episode features Frederic Hache from Green Finance Observatory and is about debunking Nature-based Solutions and the myth of environmental markets. You can listen to it on Spotify and all other podcast streaming platforms:
Given the significance of NBS picking up even more momentum after the last COP in Egypt and Montreal, this topic has felt like a pertinent deep dive and has been enthralling to work on! We are working on a multipart series on debunking nature-based solutions. The second two episodes feature conversations with Jutta Kill, where we discuss the history of NBS and the notion of historical responsibility, and Michel Pimbert, who shares examples, case studies, and the consequences of NbS for communities. Michel also discusses tangible solutions such as agroecology, and stewardship from peasant and indigenous communities. I will share them with WildHub as soon as they are ready in the coming weeks!
WildHub community, what are your thoughts on Nature-based Solutions? Is this a tangible solution in our late-stage capitalist landscapes? Or is this neo-colonialism in sheep's clothing? I welcome your thoughts and feedback on this hot topic in conservation today. 
We are also searching for more people from the Global Majority who have experience working on NbS initiatives around the world and who would be interested in sharing their experiences. We offer an honorarium to anyone who would like to be interviewed - please get in touch!
We would love support with outreach and amplifying our podcast series, so please do share widely with your networks! 

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