TRAINING: Conservation Leadership - Learning

Brand new 4-week course starting on 16th of November.
TRAINING: Conservation Leadership - Learning

What is conservation leadership?
Conservation leadership is the ability to motivate others to achieve a shared vision that benefits nature and the people that depend on it.

What is a conservation leader?
A conservation leader is someone who has a set of key qualities that they can use to help motivate those around them. For example, a conservation leader will have qualities such as empathy, bravery, and commitment. A conservation leader understands and values those qualities. More importantly, a conservation leader is able to express those qualities in a way that is appropriate for the cultural context in which they are working. A conservation leader will also be able to express those qualities in a way that is authentic to their values and personality. Each conservation leader will, therefore, be different and have their own style of doing things.

Who can be a conservation leader?
Anyone can be a conservation leader because they can express their conservation leadership qualities in every role they take. For example, a conservation leader can help motivate a boss and team-mates when they start their first conservation job. As they progress to managing teams, then a conservation leader can motivate the team they manage and the stakeholders involved in their project work. As they become more senior, a conservation leader can motivate the organisation they lead and the donors and other organisations they partner with.

How can you get qualified as a conservation leader?
We have created a series of 5 conservation leadership courses, each with a particular theme that encompasses a range of connected leadership qualities.
We will run the 5 courses in sequence and then repeat them, so you can start your journey on any course. It is up to you which course(s) you take. If you do take and get certified in all 5, then you will be awarded an overall certificate as a conservation leader.

The first course, focussing on the theme of learning, starts on the 16th of November.
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