Warm Greetings from #Brazil at WildHub ;-)

Hi there dear folks at WildHub international community!

Hi there! and Warm Greetings from Brazil. First of all would like to send a BIG virtual hug to our dear Thirza Loffeld that just kindly invited me to be a member of WildHub!      I am more than happy to join this outstanding international community and look forward to adding some good spice as a mentor and a colleague! 

I have the opportunity of mentoring in key mentorship programs in Brazil such as Startout Brazil, Inovativa Experience, and Salto Accelerator...I was also invited to become a mentor at the quintessential CW Coalition Wild Foundation 2020-21 Mentorship Program. I am an MBA teacher, Author, Speaker, Edupreneur and I am sharing my LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jose-esteves-2a53127/

I will also leave here a link to a professional short bio/resume and will be at your disposal!



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about 2 years ago

Dear José, thank you very much for your wonderful introduction post! It's my pleasure to welcome you to our WildHub community - it's great to have you join us! I look forward to learning from you and your experiences as mentor for the various programmes you mentioned. We recently started an activity in our WildHub community that may be of interest to you, named WildHub Fika. Please find more information about the activity here: https://wildhub.community/videos/activity-wildhub-fika-get-to-know-your-community