Youth resources in the context of COVID-19

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Hi everyone, the Conservation Optimism team recently teamed up with a group of wildlife trade researchers to provide evidence-based and hopeful stories during the current pandemic. Produced in collaboration with young people, this content aims to both inform and empower!

The resources range from a FAQ on COVID-19 and wildlife trade, a series of blogs about wildlife encounters stories from our community, students sharing their experience of nature during lockdown and blogs highlighting why we need to reset our relationship with nature, a series of podcast episodes and an infographic which you can see below. 

This content is tailored for young adults and teenagers and can be found here: I'd love to get some feedback from young people so if you share it with your audience it'd be great if you can let me know what the response to that content is. 

Julia Migne

Director, Conservation Optimism

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Go to the profile of Kristi Foster
about 1 year ago

Fantastic infographic! We'll share this on Conservation Careers' social media soon.

Go to the profile of Julia Migne
about 1 year ago

Awesome, thank you so much!