Thirza Loffeld (She/Her)

WildHub Community Manager, WildTeam UK
Gray Tembo

Researcher , NGIRC

I am an Economist and Researcher who is passionate about the conservation, biodiversity, nature based solutions and preservation of the ecosystem and the environment. I have experience as a reviewer and policy advocate.  I look forward to finding the like-minded people and learn from one another.
Nwamaka Uzonnah

Veterinarian , University of Nigeria

I'm a veterinarian and educator with expertise in vector biology and an interest in wildlife conservation. With a strong background in animal health and welfare, I'm committed to advancing One Health initiatives through research, education, and community engagement. I'm dedicated to inspiring and collaborating with experts in this space to drive positive change for wildlife, humans, and the environment.
Ayomide Oluwaseun Adereti

Veterinarian , Bright Veterinary Services, Enugu

Dr. Ravi Mohan Tiwari

Scientist, Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences

Bwalya Kampamba

Career Program Manager, Wildlife Conservation Network

I'm a wildlife manager and conservationist with robust ecology, research, and project management skills, as well as hands-on engagement with communities that live near protected areas. I am very passionate about our wildlife and their various habitats or ecosystems. I love contributing to people and nature thriving together; I love to travel, interact/engage with various people, and see nature at its best.

Biomonitoring Intern, African Wildlife Foundation

Joy Akpanta Matilda Ishong

Research Associate, A.P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute (APLORI)

Rekha Sathyan

Postdoc researcher, South African National Bodiversity Institute

Corinne Brion

Founder, Turtle Up

Turtle Up is my passion project. I am a professor in leadership and work on sea turtle conversation with local and international experts in Ghana. I am passionate about sustainable practices that help people and the planet. I joined WildHub to meet and learn from like minded colleagues and friends, get some feedback and some tips as well.  At Turtle Up we are always seeking collaborators and partners. Together we are stronger! Turtle Up's mission is to sustainably preserve and conserve Ghana’s sea turtles by utilizing a community-based approach. Our vision is a world where marine wildlife and people in coastal communities are thriving together.
Adedamola Oyinade Sanuade

Research Assistant, Osun State University

James Tiburcio

Co-founder, SamaÚma Projetos Socioambientais

James Tiburcio is a leader in ecological restoration and community advancement. His background in agroforestry, sustainable development, and stakeholder engagement has been instrumental in planting over 10 million trees in Brazil. Currently, James is a member of the Founders' Committee at NatureHub Brasil and has served as the National Director of Instituto de Reflorestamento Eden, where he has developed long-term strategies for reforestation and established key partnerships. He also leads the Brazil operations for RAIN (Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network) and is a partner at SamaÚma Projetos Socioambientais, providing consultancy in project management and environmental governance. Previously, James managed community development projects in Asia as Regional Project Development Director at Instituto Internacional de Assistência e Capacitação Servos and conducted research at Azim Premji University. James holds a PhD in Sustainability Studies from Universidade de Brasília. His skills include budgeting, financial management, fundraising, multidisciplinary team leadership, and strategic planning. Fluent in Portuguese and English, he is committed to partnership-building and promoting diversity and inclusion in the ecological restoration field. 1/2 4o
Wyndel John Laride

student, Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology

Cloideach Walsh

Consultancy , RSK

Catherine London

Senior education officer , West midlands safari park

Burnet N Mulungu

Managing Director, Zethembe Ecoprise and Consulting

Burnet N. Mulungu is a passionate environmental entrepreneur and the Managing Director of Zethembe Ecoprise and Consulting. With a strong academic foundation, including a Bachelor's Degree in Biodiversity Conservation and Management from Mzuzu University and a Diploma in Environmental Management from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Burnet has dedicated his career to integrating sustainable practices into business models.
Emily Rampling

Safeguards and Community Development, NA


Project Manager, Self Employed

I am a self employed project manager looking to transfer into working with conservation projects.
Ashton Berry

Urban Bird Conservation Action Plan Coordinator, BirdLife Australia

Philippa McKay

Scientific Officer, EVE

I am a veterinarian by background, with a Masters in Conservation Medicine and now working in conservation and research. I currently work in wild koala population management in south-east Queensland, Australia and have experience coordinating projects. I have become increasingly interested in the implications of our conservation efforts on  human communities, particularly women and other marginalised groups within them. I would love to learn more about managing conservation projects, particularly in a way that prioritises the integration of equity and diversity. 
Jean-paul Kabemba Lukusa

Program Manager, Volunteers For The Conservation Of Fauna And Flora (vcff)