Thirza Loffeld (She/Her)

WildHub Community Manager, WildTeam UK
Cristiar Samosir

Student, University of Oxford

I am an MPhil student at the University of Oxford interested in small-scale fishery in freshwater ecosystems and conservation governance, in which natural resource use is interconnected with local livelihood. I have experience in conducting research, presenting ideas, developing scientific papers, and writing a book.

Tafadzwa Tichagwa

Research Associate, Dambari Wildlife Trust

I am a motivated, adaptable and responsible researcher who seeks to contribute meaningfully to the conservation and sustainable management of Zimbabwe’s rich natural resources for its people, both through research and by promoting skills transfer. Of special interest to me is community resilience building in the face of climate change as well as the identification of conservation priorities through investigating the determinants of species distributions and their habitat use i.e., how species are distributed, what drives their habitat use patterns and how best we can manage their habitats to maximize their diversity and populations in protected areas. My recent work is centered on wetland conservation in the Matobo Hills area using Holistic Land and Livestock Management approaches as well as rhinoceros’ conservation particularly behavioral and feeding ecology. Getting trained in Monitoring and Evaluation for Wildlife Conservation will enable me to increase the effectiveness of the programs that I am currently running.

Athumani Msangi

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, WWF-TZ

I joined WildHub to connect with fellow conservationists and contribute to meaningful discussions. My Professional is Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, also experience in agriculture and health sectors, and I'm passionate about wildlife conservation. Excited to be part of this community


Environmental officer, NAMPALA SA

Hello everyone!

I'm Mory, a water and Environmental engineer currently working in a junior mining corporation in Mali (West Africa) as an environmental officer.  As part of my job (that i love), it's my duty to contribute to the protection and conservation of wildlife. Morever, mining has a huge impact on biodiversity depletion. 

As part of our job, my team and i use to relocate animals (Snakes most of the time) and insects (Bees and their hives) that one may encounter on the mine site.

Since, i haven't a real expertise in the sector i have been looking for courses to deepen my knowledge in conservation of wildlife and i was really lucky to find a course by WildTeam on LinkedIn to which i've registered. 

From their website, i was able to find the link to the community website. 

I would like to take advantage of this to thank all you and i'm really looking forward to learn as much as possible and apply that knowledge.

Patrick Dauda

Land use planning, Community Forestry and Co-management Coordinator , Conservation Society of Sierra Leone

Danilo Simonini Teixeira

Professor, State University of Santa Cruz

I am a professor at the State University of Santa Cruz - Bahia - Brazil. As a veterinarian I work in the health context and lately I have admired the area of Unique Health, Ecosystem Health and Conservation Medicine. I am currently involved in research related to zoonotic diseases, including arboviruses, and also research in the area of animal welfare, biosafety and anesthesiology.
In 2018, we founded the Wild Animal Care and Research Center (NAPAS), linked to the Veterinary Hospital of the University. In this space we are responsible for improving and maintaining the health status of wild animals in the southern region of the state of Bahia. We have a team made up of undergraduate and graduate students, in addition to specialists from the most varied areas of Veterinary Medicine.



I am Sidney Opiyo from Kenya. My work mostly entails youth-led environmental conservation, landscape and nature restoration, marine protection, climate-smart farming systems, environmental policy, and environmental journalism. I also have a deep interest in working with youth at the grassroots level, youth-inclusive governance and policies, environmental storytelling, and climate action. I am a climate advocate and an environmental defender, working to champion meaningful youth engagement for Climate action with a background in Environmental Studies and Community Development. I have experience in community organizing, climate communication, environmental conservation and protection, and community resource mobilization.

Currently, I am a Co_founder and Projects Officer at Train My Generation CBO ( TMG) and my work involves planning and managing impact projects at the organization. At TMG, we believe that sharing images will enable the world to understand why and how they will need to conserve the environment and make sustainable decisions while going about their daily lives. We share stories that enable relevant sharing of knowledge on everything nature and wildlife. We create awareness of conservation and climate change issues through photography. 

 I have previously worked as a Volunteer at Kenya Environmental Action Network (KEAN) where I have been involved in global campaigns on environmental storytelling. I was able to lead campaigns using storytelling to communicate about environmental issues and how all stakeholders can participate in achieving the goals of environmental sustainability.

Rihem Bchini

Founder and Manager , GDA Pure Nature

Hello there , my name is Rihem , and I'm excited to share my journey and passion for wildlife conservation, particularly in the context of rural communities and social and solidarity economy.

My fascination with the natural world has been a guiding force in my life. From the lush forests to the vibrant wildlife, I've always been captivated by the beauty and complexity of our planet's ecosystems. This love for nature naturally led me to explore ways to protect and preserve it.

One of the pivotal experiences that shaped my path was my involvement with Pure Nature, where I had the privilege of working closely with rural women. In this role, I applied my management skills to engage with these incredible women, sharing knowledge and fostering a deep sense of connection with the environment. Together, we embarked on conservation initiatives that not only empowered these women but also contributed to the sustainable management of our natural resources. It was a profoundly rewarding experience that reinforced my commitment to making a difference in my community and my lovely country Tunisia .

My journey into the field of M&E is driven by a vision of combining my passion for wildlife conservation with my management skills and experience in the social and solidarity economy. I firmly believe that by integrating these elements, we can create sustainable and holistic solutions that benefit both our environment and the communities that depend on it.

I'm eager to continue this journey, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and explore opportunities to leverage my unique blend of skills and experiences. Together, we can work towards a more harmonious future where nature thrives, rural communities prosper, and social and solidarity economy principles guide our path to a better world.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about my story and my dedication to preserving our planet's biodiversity. I look forward to connecting with fellow enthusiasts who share my vision and commitment to safeguarding our natural heritage.

Content :

🌿 Passionate About Wildlife Conservation and Empowering Communities 🌿

🌍 Community Empowerment: I believe in the power of people. Join me in exploring how we can empower rural communities, especially women, to become stewards of their environment and champions of social and economic sustainability.

🌱 M&E Enthusiast: I'm currently honing my Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) skills to measure and improve the impact of conservation initiatives.

🌟 Social & Solidarity Economy: Discover how the principles of social and solidarity economy can pave the way for a more equitable and sustainable future. I'm passionate about exploring innovative solutions for a better world.

Elena Cunningham

Clinical Professor, New York University

Marjan Maria Mon

Research and Animal Care Co-Ordinator, Plumploris e.V Bangladesh Project

I am Marjan Maria, a young and ambitious wildlife biologist also a proud mom to a baby girl from Bangladesh. I am passionate about conserving the biodiversity of my country and protecting its endangered species. I am particularly interested in the behavioral ecology of primates and herpetofauna.
I have researched the Bengal slow loris, Phayre's langur, hoolock gibbon, and other endangered species in Bangladesh. I have also worked on developing conservation strategies for these species. I am also interested in the impacts of road infrastructure on wildlife. I am currently working on a project to study roadkill in primates and other animals in Bangladesh.
I believe that wildlife conservation is essential for our planet's health and future generations' well-being. I am committed to working to protect the biodiversity of Bangladesh and to ensure that its wildlife can thrive for generations to come. I am eager to learn and grow. I am passionate about making a difference in the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to work in wildlife conservation and I am excited to see what the future holds. 

Immaculate Nyawere

Wildlife conservationist, None

Prioritized research in environmental knowledge in schools for my undergraduate with a book copy yet to be published.

Interests include learning more and networking to better my conservation career.

Experienced in working with the young people in different conservation projects especially in schools and communities.

Stephen Musau

Project lead, Zoological Society of London

Lead in world of true conservation and promotion of humanity .Stephen has 17 yrs experience of managing successful conservation projects in Kenya's Tsavo conservation Area. Coordinating the implementation of community based conservation projects engaging the marginalized communities living alongside the northern border of Tsavo National Park to promote economic resilience, through establishment of Community Banks and enhancement of gender equitable and sustainable livelihoods and foster human wildlife coexistence through community engagements as conservation champions. Stephen understands the behaviors and values required for conservation success and the importance of partnership and collaboration with like-minded stakeholders to synergize conservation efforts . His key competencies include Project management, Species conservation, Law enforcement, conservation education and social inclusion.

Stacey Tecot

Associate Professor, University of Arizona

Nelly musyoka

Community liaison officer , Zoological society of London

Nelly is a committed and passionate community developer come environmental conservation enthusiast. In Pursuit of making positive impact, I have been closely Working with frontier communities living adjacent a protected area to promote economic resilience, a shared sense of responsibility, wildlife and environmental conservation.

My interest lies in working with women to see promotion of autonomy in all aspects pertaining development, conservation and growth. I believe that engaging women in social change through development is a step closer to an inclusive society. In addition am a staunch lover of biodiversity conservation.

Volunteering has been an integral part of my journey and I have actively participated in environmental conservation campaigns as well as Humanitarian support to the less fortunate- guided by the spirit of "UBUNTU"

Am based in Kenya -Tsavo Conservation Area. 

Stephen Ochieng

Information Systems Lead, Bahari Hai

Keen to  utilize this course to strengthen my capacity in project management and improve on the quality of projects I undertake. I am enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about marine ecosystems. Enjoys being part of  a leading, successful and impactful team. Skilled in data management, GIS and remote sensing, mobile app development and  monitoring and evaluation. I have over 5 years of experience in working with sea turtles and other marine  ecosystems and fishing communities.

Emily Caruso

Co-director, Global diversity foundation

Trained in biology and anthropology, I have spent 20+ years in the non-profit sector. Passionate about social and environmental justice, my focus is on the intersection between conservation and community rights and wellbeing. As the co-director of Global Diversity Foundation, I have experience in organisational strategy development, fundraising and donor relations management, HR management and recruitment, financial oversight, operations, conflict resolution and mediation, non-profit governance, communications and dissemination, and event organisation. A highly skilled partnership-builder, relationship-manager and strategic thinker, I speak four languages and currently oversee a multicultural, multilocal team of 15.

John Atibs

Research Innovation and Impact Lead , CODESSA

I'm an interdisciplinary environmental natural and social scientist and ecosystems and biodiversity conservation and restoration specialist with more than 20 years practical experience in Africa,  Europe, South America and Oceania. My academic background is BSc Hons Aquatic Sciences (Marine & Freshwater Fisheries Conservation and Management); MSc Agroforestry, Silviculture and Forest Management) and PhD in Environmental Sustainability (Wetlands Ecosystems Conservation and Restoration Policies and Sustainable Management). I've working knowledge in academia,  non governmental organisations and government departments in the UK and Africa. I've skills in partnership development,  funding management and stakeholders engagement. 


Student and Assistant to the Biodiversity monitoring Officer , Oiseaux et Horizons

I studied Management of Natural Resources at the Université Nationale d'Agriculture du Bénin, where I earned a bachelor's degree upon completion of a study focused on assessing anthropic threats on the Monotes kerstingii population, a tree species in northern Benin, within the forest of Tchaourou-Toui-Kiolibo. Following my studies, I completed a one-year internship at CREDI-ONG (Centre Régional de Recherche et d'Education pour un Développement Intégré), where I actively participated in various activities such as marshbuck monitoring, bird counting, and more.

In 2019, I presented a conference on challenges related to biodiversity protection in Benin and France at Refuge de l'Arche in Château-Gontier, France.

Subsequently, I joined Oiseaux et Horizons, an NGO that promotes birds through sustainable tourism and awareness. Next year, I plan to pursue a Master's degree in Ecological Engineering at Corsica University.