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Thirza Loffeld

WildHub Community Manager, WildTeam UK
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Brenda Razo

Photographer, Freelance

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Lena Jeha

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Research Coordinator, Asia-Pacific, Fauna & Flora International

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Maureen Kinyanjui

Community Livelihood Manager / PhD candidate , Elephants and Bees Research Center

I am a Conservation Scientist currently working in Sagalla Kenya in a community experiencing conflicts with elephants. I am implementing an integrated livelihood project focusing on improving food security, increasing drought resilience and reducing human-elephant conflict. My main role is to increase tolerance towards elephants and encourage community understanding and participation in elephant conservation efforts. I have an MA in Sociology, MSc in Conservation and Rural Development from The Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) 2017-2018, University of Kent. I am starting my PhD this year (2020) at the University of Edinburgh in the School of Geosciences. My research will analyse how planned human interventions interact with other drivers of change within social-ecological systems and how this influences human behaviour and their perception of elephants.
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Ambalika Singh

Project Fellow, Wildlife Institute of India

My background is in environmental law. At present i am working under a project on biodiversity assessment in coal mining area in the central part of India. As a conservation enthusiast, i am keen on exploring tribal communities livelihood and dependence, role and impact on mitigating conflict and biodiversity conservation.
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Luc Roscelin Tédonzong

Technical Advisor , Wild Chimpanzee Foundation

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Georgia Lorenti

Primatologist , None

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Robyn Thomson

Seasonal Ecologist , Jacobs

I am an early career conservationist interested in wildlife research, particularly behavioural ecology, and how this feeds into conservation. i have extensive fieldwork experience with different species and some experience with team and project management. I would like to gain more management experience and continue to expand my fieldwork, research and analytical skills.
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Harry Hilser

Programme Director, Selamatkan Yaki

As Programme Director for Selamatkan Yaki, an integrated species conservation programme based in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia I am responsible for planning and rolling out various projects to work towards our objectives across a multiple year framework. Our programme works towards protecting the habitat and remaining populations of the Critically Endangered Sulawesi crested black macaque (Macaca nigra), whilst supporting local initiatives, developing alternatives to hunting and capacity building for the local people. I am also the Co-Founder of Lestari Environmental Education Consultancy. Lestari cultivates regenerative change through innovative and engaging social science approaches. Drawing from a rich resource and experience base of behavioural chance best practice, Lestari offers a service to academic institutions, NGOs, businesses and other change makers across the following central domains: advocacy and communications, facilitation, and research and evaluation. Collaborative pathways are catalysed to undertake transformative research, develop strategy and policy and facilitate events and training such as participatory workshops and nature-based experiential learning to foster change. In addition to this role, I am undertaking a part time PhD in Human Geography, primarily focused on the understudied area of conservation advocacy. Integrated into the programme, this study examines anthropological causes of species' declines and potential mitigation strategies based on behavioural change mechanisms such as community based social marketing. It is predicted that the mutual and synergistic goals of filling gaps in our understanding of mechanisms of advocacy whilst enhancing in-situ conservation strategies will be achieved. Previous positions have seen the development of my experience in primate conservation and research as a primatologist for Operation Wallacea in Sulawesi and conducting research on primate health in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. In addition to my field experience, I have been involved in ex-situ management, working as experienced keeper in the primate department and quarantine at Stichting AAP in The Netherlands. I completed an MSc in Primate Conservation at Oxford Brookes University, UK in 2010. With this range of experience I have developed a commitment for working in conservation to support efforts to halt the loss of biodiversity and live in harmony with our fellow primates.
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Nguyen Van Kien

principal researcher, Vietnam National plant genebank - plant resources center (prc)

My work is serving plant genetic resources conservation and use intervention for food and agriculture development (PGRFA) in Vietnam. We design, develop, carry out platform and strategy, programs on PGRFA and relevant areas, including consultancy, training activities. Currently, we are trying to focus on diversity and evolution works of crop and wild crop relatives (CWRs)in the contexts of climate changes, nutrition and health styles and ecosystem services payments and environments as well as values series of culture, spirit and religions that plant genetic resources contribute to sustainable human social development against future challenges. I hope that we could exchange experience, idea and innovation to contribute in developing a better world. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback, support and cooperation soon
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Zoe Lieb

Project Coordinator, National Geographic Society

Zoë Lieb is the project coordinator on the Field Engagement team for the Allen Coral Atlas. Coming from a conservation biology background, she was the in-country manager and primary investigator for the Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project for two years, working towards culturally oriented solutions to human-wildlife conflict issues among nomadic herding communities. She has also worked as a marine observer collecting management data for Alaskan crab fisheries and other data collection positions. She received her MSc in Conservation Biology from University of Kent in the United Kingdom in 2019. Her expertise includes program development, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and community-supported conservation strategies.
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Vu Dang Toan

Researcher, Plant Resources Center

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Eileen Andrea Acosta Porras

Fresh Water Specialist, TNC

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Project Manager, Fundación Oso de Asturias

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Eden Plummer

OOH Helpline Volunteer, Bat Conservation Trust

I am interested in becoming a Wildlife Conservationist, doing research on mammals out in the field. I have a degree in Biological Sciences, a Great Crested Newts license, I have been on a Project Management for Wildlife Conservationists course with WildLearning, I've volunteered and interned at Colchester Zoo, been a volunteer Field Researcher at Wildlife Sense, and managed two successful fundraising projects
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Ivette Solis

Project Manager, Amazona lilacina

I'm a biologist from Ecuador with five years fieldwork experience with birds. Three years working around Amazona lilacina species projects. I'm a Manager of Amazona lilacina Project supported by Chester zoo, UK. I'm responsible for all the conservation action happens. We work with rural communities in the coast of Ecuador raising awareness for the endangered amazona lilacina parrot through environmental education and community engagement. I'm interested in everything around wildlife conservation, conservation NGO management, conservation solutions.
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Brooke Aldrich

Trustee / Coalition Assistant , Neotropical Primate Conservation / Asia for Animals Coalition

I started working with captive rescued monkeys in 1999 and went on to earn an MSc in Primate Conservation (Oxford Brookes University) and another in International Animal Welfare Ethics and Law (University of Edinburgh). I've worked for a number of animal welfare organizations, most recently the Animals Asia Foundation and the Asia for Animals Coalition. I've been trustee and director for Neotropical Primate Conservation since its establishment as a UK charity in 2007. I'm particularly interested in the way human and non-human primates relate to one another, and the intersection between conservation and animal welfare. I feel that it's important that these are treated as complimentary, rather than contradictory, concepts. At present I am exploring primate welfare in the context of human-macaque conflict mitigation strategies. Please feel free to contact me here to talk about this if it's of interest to you! I am originally from the US but have lived in the UK for many years.
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Brittany Rapone

student, Oxford Brookes University

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Annabel Morales Smith

Anthropology and Conservation Graduate , None

I have a background in Social Anthropology and recently graduated from DICE with an MSc in Conservation and Rural Development. I carried out fieldwork in Uganda for my dissertation focusing on the impacts of tourism and conservation on residents living around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park that are working in community-led enterprises. Prior to that I interned at Conservation Through Public Health a Ugandan NGO focused on improving community well-being and mountain gorilla conservation using a one health approach. I am passionate about environmental and social justice because I think that conservation must address the injustice, poverty and oppression imposed on local and indigenous communities around the world. The rights of indigenous and local people are crucial to conservation.
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Abhishek Behl @🏠

Business Dev & Sustainability | ABN-AMRO Sanctuary Earth Awardee 07 | MSc @DICE_Kent | Also @WildNavigator @TravelingwithMS @Trav_Able | #RRMS Dx07 on DMD, Behl Consulting

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Rachael Gerrie

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust