Thirza Loffeld

WildHub Community Manager, WildTeam UK
Haja Isatu Bah

Communications and Marketing , Ek-Koony Center

I recently graduated college with a degree in Environmental Studies, and I currently work in the field of conservation and development. I believe WildHub is a great platform to network and gather resources to work efficiently

Kartik Thevar

Zoo / Rehabilitation Biologist, Gorewada Zoo & Rescue Centre, Maharashtra

I am a Biologist specializing in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Enrichment for Zoo Animals. I have  keen interest in Carnivore Biology (Wild Felines, Meso-predators & Birds of Prey) & Marine Mammals Conservation

Suhail Bashir

Environment Engineer , Al Noor Environment Consultants Sharjah

Elayne Looker

Marine Consultant & Intern Manager, Five Oceans Environmental Services LLC

My career started as a volunteer diving with Coral Cay Conservation in Fiji, which got me hooked to become a marine biologist. Currently, I'm working as a marine scientist for an environmental consultancy (5OES) based in Oman, which I've done for the past 14 years. My work encompasses marine environmental monitoring, baseline surveys, conservation and research projects plus training. I studied for my BSc in marine and freshwater biology at Aberystwyth University and then an MSc in marine environmental protection at Bangor University, UK. In between working for 5OES I have also worked with the Dept. of Environment, Cayman Islands Government as a field research assistant. I'm a PADI Assistant Instructor as well as an AMSO Instructor ( My interests include sea turtle conservation & rehab, cetacean research & rescue, coral monitoring & research, plus outreach & education. I love travelling and have had the fortune to work in the Caribbean, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Fiji where I've met some wonderful people in the field. 


Recent graduate, University of Portsmouth

Hi! I'm a marine biologist who recently graduated from the University of Portsmouth. My dissertation research was focused on the biodiversity of seagrass meadows, which I am hoping to take further in my Master's. 


Head of Operations, Grootbos Green Futures Foundation

I have 15 years experience in team leadership and management of award
winning Non-Profit organisations for both People and Planet working along
side some of the worlds most influential community and biodiversity
conservation driven philanthropists and leaders. I have extensive and
diverse knowledge in the international development sector as an
established leader in project management, governance and compliance,
monitoring, evaluation, strategy mapping and policy development.

Ojajune Olatomide

Forester / climate change advocate , Unemployed

Olatomide is Forester who graduated from Federal University of Technology ,Akure ,Ondo state Nigeria.During her undergraduate studies,she volunteered for quite a number of organisations promoting sustainable development goals and tree planting campaign.
Upon her graduation, she keeps functioning as a volunteer for climate change advocacy and sustainable development goals.

She is the founder of TALKCLIMATEAFRICA,an educational channel reaching out to people who prefer listening to music or spoken words other than reading , creating awareness and sensitizing them on the environment, climate change and how best it can be mitigated or adapted. She is a trained climate ambassador and fellow from Climate leadership fellowship Nigeria and Oxford school of climate change ,she is a member of international forestry association,YOUNGO and International youth conference. 

These past three years, Olatomide has consistently been sensitising and advocating in school,communities, social platform on environmental issues, climate action and sustainable development goals.

Aside SDG 13, been something she is passionate about, her love for helping the needy which a vision of REDUCING poverty birthed HEART2LOVE FOUNDATION in 2017.

Olatomide is a pacesetter ,she has received lot of certifications on Climate change advocacy after carrying out several projects, she was also certified by Servelead Humanitarian Initiative as an international I-volunteer for leadership and influence, volunteer project management,strategic communication and marketing,public speaking and partnership.

She was awarded as one of the top five outstanding fellow for climate leadership fellowship Nigeria after adopting a school program on climate change.

She is a YALI RLC member,ISERH ambassador,IYC ambassador,Global volunteer and still explore more opportunities according to her passion.

In quote,she doesn’t give up easily,she is lady who has passion for great things.


Managing Director, FOREST LIFE

Bhekilizwe Zwelinjani

Admin Assistant , Painted Dog Research Trust

Sóstenes Pelegrini

Wildlife Biologist, Environmental Consultant

I am a biologist with a master's degree in Wildlife Conservation, a specialist in herpetology, and also a lot of experience in the management and research in situ of other animals, like mammals and birds. Experience with data analysis (R!), technical reports and GIS. With more than 10 years of experience coordinating and executing these activities.

Sophie Boulter

Master's student, University of Exeter

Danielle Boobyer

Digital engagement consultant and content creator, Freelance

I specialise in communications and marketing for environmental charities, making ordinary people give a damn about and engage in environmental stories and campaigns - fuelling action and creating change.

I've worked for WWF, Greenpeace & Surfers Against Sewage, as well as grassroots organisations. As I'm neurodivergent, disabled, a carer and from a working class background, I'm passionate about making sure projects are as inclusive as possible.

Studying an MA in Anthrozoology part-time (on hold, due to caring commitments) - my final project is studying vocalisations of critically endangered captive Javan Green Magpies and how we can use bioacoustics to inform welfare and understanding. Primate fan, but now falling in love with song birds.

I have a BSc in Biology from St Andrews and won an Undergraduate Award for my genetics research.

I live in the UK. Born in London, but living by the sea in Cornwall.

Sabrina Brando

Director & researcher, AnimalConcepts

Sudha Iyer

Communication Consultant, Luc Hoffmann Institute

I am a trained communication professional with 12+ years of progressive experience in orchestrating strategic communication plans and designing programmes to promote sustainable development & pro-conservation behaviour amongst businesses, government employees, educators, and youth. My area of expertise includes marketing communications, content development, programme design, development and execution, and event management. I am interested in catalyzing change through the implementation of innovative projects and programmes that address socio-environmental challenges and are embedded in equity and justice.

Michael Cunningham

Director, 9Trees CIC

Athumani Zuberi

Conservationist, Tanzania Wildlife Society

My name is Athumani Zuberi. I am 28 years old. I live in Arusha, Tanzania. My lifelong purpose is to contribute to the Global Effort of Building a Better World for the Coming Generations. I am the Founder and President of Mt. Kilimanjaro Life Foundation and Tanzania Wildlife Society 


I looked around in my community and saw people having enormous difficulties to contribute to the development of themselves, their families, and their country. I had a wake up call when I realized that more than 3 billion people on our planet live in poverty which prompted me to found Mt. Kilimanjaro Life Foundation 


The social mission of Mt KLF is to teach the community higher consciousness entrepreneurs and leadership skills. As Einstein said: “We cannot solve our current problems from the same consciousness that created them.” To begin, we need a shift in the way we think. The world is nothing but a reflection of our mindsets. Before the outer change can come we need an inner transformation. 


This new insight completely changed the way I approached my life goal. We cannot make a lasting contribution feeding the poor by hunting for money in a system where money is purposely created in scarcity by a ruling elite. We need to redevelop the system. 


Next I asked myself: "What is the system?" Then I realized that WE are the system. So if we change, the world will change. I had never been that excited. I will now dedicate the rest of my life to awaken the people to the power we have inside. It is time to unite and learn! . . .  ! or maybe I should say unlearn!


 My vision is a world that works for ALL people! 

Through community economic development projects such as Mt. Kilimanjaro Living Classroom, skill training, mentor-mentee matching, entrepreneurship development, and private public partnership programs help to empower women leadership and youth job opportunities as well as improve social infrastructure within each village, communities, and then subsequently towns and cities.

This is how we may uplift each other one person, one village, one community at a time!

Reshu Bashyal

Research Fellow, Greenhood Nepal

I am a conservationist based in Nepal. I did my MSc in Conservation and International Wildlife Trade from DICE-Kent. I am currently working to understand the trade dynamics of some of the most traded medicinal plants like orchids and yews.

I am interested in understanding how socioeconomic and behavioral factors interact and impact the wildlife trade (incl. the online trade spectrum and various stakeholders in it) and using this knowledge in designing effective conservation actions. 

Alicia Northcott

Care for Rescued Wildlife Tour Program Coordinator, Wildlife Alliance

Giuseppe Forestieri

Animation Director, Motion Aptitude Ltd

Environmental enthusiast, snowboard and kitesurf addict.
With a background in visual communication, I specialise in animation and Illustration.
As a fan of outdoor sports, I’ve always been fascinated by nature and the complexities of the ecosystem.
It makes me want to do all I can to preserve nature and see it flourish.
My mission is to make nature conservation more accessible to everyone.
I run an animation studio called Motion Aptitude, our purpose is to raise awareness and drive people to act on issues regarding wildlife, environmental science and animal welfare.
Motion Aptitude is the fusion of two of my biggest passions in life: creativity, and the great outdoors.
My vision is to inspire a new generation of action-driven environmental enthusiasts.
I’m so pleased to be part of this community; helping organisations & environmental scientists promote their research and maximise their impact through compelling animated stories.

Lize Gibson-Hall

WildHub Assistant Community Manager, WildTeam

I am a marine biology graduate with an MSc in conservation at Plymouth Uni. Currently, I am working here as one of your WildHub assistant community managers!

I am also working part-time as one of the membership officers at the Marine Biological Association and have a passion for science communication and bringing people together.

Finally, I am also a volunteer social media assistant with Conservation Careers and have started volunteering for two other projects in Plymouth, UK; The rockpool project and the climate hub. Other interests include the use of technology (specifically cameras) to study animals as well as animal husbandry and advocacy.