Hannah Brooks

Community Engagement Manager, Chester Zoo

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Behaviour change campaigns Education & training Monitoring and evaluation Partnerships and collaboration development Project/programme management

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Diversity, equity, inclusion

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Collaborate and help others

Recent Comments

Oct 18, 2021

Hey Beth, is there a post where we can go to see the full programme for the WildHub Festival? 

Sep 07, 2020

Anyone wanting to watch this back can find it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQhhr-bp7kA

Aug 18, 2020

Hi Merlyn, I really enjoyed your post and would love to talk more about engaging black people in conservation.

I work for Chester Zoo as Community Engagement Manager. We would like to do more to make sure that our activities are inclusive and realise that this will mean proactively engaging under represented audiences, addressing barriers to engagement etc. 

The initial focus for this work is UK but I also support Chester Zoo's international field partners with their conservation education initiatives.

I can't see how to message directly via WildHub but if you're willing to get in touch so we can talk that would be really appreciated - h.brooks@chesterzoo.org

Aug 18, 2020
Replying to Adam Barlow

Hi Hannah - just read a very interesting article by another hub member. Think she would be good to chat to on this topic..https://wildhub.community/users/65112-merlyn-nomusa-nkomo

Thanks for sharing, I'll get in touch!