Kate Tointon

Communications Executive, Fauna & Flora International
Fanuel Nleya

trainer, southern african wildlife college

Anish Banerjee

Managing Director, Think Wild Foundation

Aiita Joshua Apamaku

Education Taskforce Lead, Youth4Nature

Wildlife biologist with cross-cutting interests in wildlife conservation technologies, wildlife and ecological research, climate change. 

Tori Jeffers

Conservation Leadership Coach, Conservation Coaching

Working in conservation was always my dream job!

It took me a while to get there but fast forward some years and I was leading conservation programmes and teams around the world. During my time in that role I realised that I was both at risk of burnout and had become a little disconnected from the day-to-day conservation impact that I was passionate about. However, I loved developing, supporting and coaching the teams I managed and decided to re-train as a coach so that I could spend more time focusing on supporting others to excel in their role and remain passionate and effective within the conservation sector.

I joined WildHub to stay up-to-date with the conservation world, share my experiences and support conservation professionals however I can.

Kimberly Ray

Founder and CEO, Marine Conservation Network

I am a marine conservationist / biologist whose passion for the ocean has been since I was young. I have been involved in tagging and releasing  juvenile great whites and rescued stranded sea lions. Now, I am building a Young Ambassadors Program for individuals who are looking to create their own path for marine conservation. 

Noelle Yochum

Fisheries Research, NOAA

Marie-Morgane Rouyer

PhD Candidate, University of Montpellier

Ivette Solis

Project Manager, Amazona lilacina

I'm a biologist from Ecuador with more than five years of fieldwork experience with birds. I'm a founder and CEO of Amazona Lilacina Foundation I'm interested in everything around wildlife conservation, conservation NGO management, conservation solutions.